Let's Bloom: The Meaning & Symbolism of the Daisy

Let's Bloom: The Meaning & Symbolism of the Daisy

Whether you’re interested in all flowers or you love daisies specifically, ALEX AND ANI have a lot to share about the meaning of the daisy flower and its symbolism. When you think of a daisy, an image of a bright, white bloom with simple petals might come to mind, but daisies are so much more than you could possibly imagine. Explore this breakdown of their importance throughout ancient mythology, medieval England, and even Christianity!

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Modern Daisy Symbolism

So what do daisies represent? Over the centuries, the meaning of the daisy flower has evolved to include purity, youth, and positivity.


The most common daisy color is white, which has long represented purity. Today, however, instead of the purity associated with marriage, daisies are attached to the innocence of children – like those simple days running across hilly fields, collecting wildflowers.

Birth + Youth

As an extension of their connection to childhood and innocence, many people give new parents bouquets of daisies to represent the new life they’re bringing into the world.

Joy + Positivity

Because of their white and yellow colors, many people consider them the flowers of joy and positivity. A bouquet of daisies are a great gift for anyone on a path towards new beginnings, like high school graduates, someone starting a new job, or anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

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Ancient Daisy Symbolism

Daisy flowers have had meaning for centuries, including in Norse, Roman, and Celtic mythology, as well as other religions.

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, the daisy was Freya’s flower. It was her favorite and symbolized the same things she does: fertility, love, and sensuality.

Roman Mythology

Romans associated daisies with a nymph named Belides who turned herself into a daisy to escape an unwanted suitor. Her commitment to her virtue contributes to the innocent and pure nature of the daisy.

Celtic Mythology

The meaning of the daisy flower for the Celts is tragic and bittersweet, as they believe that their gods sprinkle daisy flowers on children's graves to brighten the lives of parents who lost their little ones too soon.


In Christian tradition, daisies are associated with the Virgin Mary. This is perhaps why the modern interpretation of the flower’s meaning is still associated with innocence and chastity.

Daisy Flower Colors

At ALEX AND ANI, we believe that colors have meaning, so different colors develop more nuance to the daisy’s symbolism.

White: Innocence & Purity. These are great gifts for weddings and childbirth.

Yellow: Joy & Happiness. Give yellow daisies to brighten someone’s day!

Red: Passion & Love. Maybe not as romantic as roses, but red daisies still show your feelings.

Pink: Platonic Love. These are the daisy colors to give your best friend.

Orange: Warmth & Friendship. Create an orange bouquet to show you care for birthdays, special occasions, or just because!

Wearing Your Daisies

You don’t have to give a bouquet of flowers that will wilt and fade over time! Choose permanence when you wear flower jewelry yourself or give daisy jewelry as a gift. Find the daisy flower meaning that speaks to you and shop our collection to discover tons of unique options!

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