Country, City, and State Bracelets

Whether it's home, where you went to school, or the place where you had a memorable adventure, there are always those adventures that stay in your heart long after the trip is over. Our collection of Country, City, and State Jewelry is inspired by those special places! Take the memories with you no matter where you are with these exclusive charms. These location and country bracelets and pieces also make the perfect gifts for anyone with which you share these memories. Consider giving your mom country or state jewelry to represent where she was born or gifting your wife with a city bracelet of the place where you first met! Browse our collection now to discover the perfect location for yourself or pieces that make unique gifts for others.

Our Collection

We strive to deliver a massive collection of pieces so that anyone who visits our store can find something to love. Whether you’re searching for an engraved bracelet or a painted state charm, we’re sure there’s something for you among this huge selection. Shop now to discover what we have in store for you! Can't find your place? Take a look at our other meaningful jewelry, filled with symbols of love, strength, growth, and much more!

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