Path of Life® Jewelry

This symbol serves as a reminder to be confident in your personal journey. The Path of Life® jewelry collection captures the essence of life's odyssey and, with its knotted design, reminds us that we are all connected. This specialty collection is exclusive to ALEX AND ANI. Explore Path of Life® necklaces, bracelets and bangles, earrings, and charms to find unique designs that support your journey and help you express yourself. With our entire selection of remarkable Path of Life® jewelry and more at your disposal, you'll discover the perfect pieces for yourself and others in your life here.

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From the Path of Life® bracelets to our charms and pendants, there is nothing more distinct than this unusual knotted design. To us, it helps visualize that life is almost never a straightforward journey - it's full of hurdles and bumps that may surprise and delight as much as they confuse and obscure. Our jewelry helps you remember that you need to be ready for everything life throws your way! If you're searching for more symbols and their meanings, browse our Growth + New Beginnings jewelry.

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