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August Birthstone Jewelry

As a Leo or a Virgo with an August birthday, your birthstone is the peridot. Peridot is a beautiful green stone that symbolizes harmony, good health, and peace – a balancing option for the fiery personalities born in this month. In addition to peridot, August birthdays are also associated with the gladiolus, a stunning flower with multiple blooms that represents moral integrity, strength of character, and faith. Each of these symbols is but one piece of your personality that you can express through jewelry! If these symbols resonate with you, we recommend exploring our August birthstone jewelry to find gorgeous pieces that speak to your personality and aesthetic.

August Birthstone Bracelets + More

Whether it’s earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings, the birthstone jewelry collectionhas it all! Browse an assortment of unique styles ranging from peridots set in semi-precious metals, engraved zodiac signs on a starry sky, and even Greek-style zodiac depictions set with gemstones. Many of our pieces are meant to be layered, so shop multiple August birthstone bracelets and necklaces to wear together that remind you of your strength as an August baby. If you’re looking for other symbolic styles in our collections, we have plenty more to offer. Make sure you explore our Initials + Numbers for personalized styles and Symbols for even more meaningful designs.

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