Color Code: Gems, Colors, and Their Meaning

Color Code: Gems, Colors, and Their Meaning

Color is power. It impacts the way we feel, think, behave, and interpret the world around us. Think about the process of choosing just the right color to paint a room. Do you want it to project an energetic vibe or be a calming influence? It’s all about the color. Even food sends color messages – eating a plate filled with vibrant colors not only feeds our stomach, but also our senses.


Color carries real energy and can draw different qualities and emotions from us – peace, clarity, comfort, joy, passion. We instinctively turn to certain colors when we want to feel a specific way, and they help us manifest that emotion. It’s the color code.

The color code and color code meanings have been recognized forces for centuries. All across the ancient world – from Greece to China, to India, to Egypt, healers recognized color and its ability to promote different forms of healing and intention. Since then, we have used color to improve our physical environment (for example, an orange room vs. a blue one) and our bodies. 

Color code meanings derive from many sources including nature, the elements, the Indian chakras, parts of the body, and more. Gems and their distinct colors are perfect vehicles for the power of color and its associated energies. 

Check out our gem guide below to learn more about each unique gem color and its meaning:

Check out our guide below for the full download on our Color Code:


Amethyst – The beautiful purple of the amethyst with blue undertones evokes peace, clarity, compassion, and imagination.

Aquamarine – The clear translucent blue of aquamarine invokes a deep sense of calm and serenity as well as strengthening trust bonds.

Crystal – Brilliantly clear, crystal channels strong intuition and pure intentions.

Emerald – Deep green with shades of blue, the Emerald’s iconic gem color evokes deep healing and nurturing.

Light Amethyst – With its pale translucent lavender color, the Light Amethyst treads on the happy side, inspiring joy, and a sense of lightheartedness.

Light Siam – Buoyantly crimson, Light Siam is infused with wild creativity, excitement, and success.

Peridot – Serenely green and clear, the Peridot brings forth a sense of abundance, strength, and prosperity.

Sapphire – The deep true blue of the Sapphire reflects serenity, timeless wisdom, and kindness to others.

Rose Quartz – Pink is our happy place, and clear Rose Quartz says it best, bringing to us a strong sense of happiness and overall harmony.

Topaz – Strong yellow-orange Topaz is a powerful symbol of strong security and perfect balance in our life.

Blue Zircon – The Blue Zircon is a brilliant aquamarine blue color that symbolizes grounding, stability, and confidence. It is a timeless color that inspires us to reach for our goals.

Scarlet Crystal – Pure deep red equates to pure energy and brings forth a strong sense of power and vitality.

The subtle color vibrations that come from the distinct colors of gemstones and crystals carry real impact. When we select and use color with intention and embrace the meaning, the result can be pure magic. 

We hope we’ve inspired you to find the gems with the colors and meanings that hold the most positive energy for maximum impact in your life.

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