Color Code: Colors and their Meaning

Color Code: Colors and their Meaning

Color is powerful. It can impact the way we interpret, feel, think, and behave - whether that color is the paint on your bedroom walls, or a specific shade you put on when you want to rock the room, or even a favorite color of food you love to eat.

Color evokes things from us – peace, clarity, comfort, joy, passion. We turn to certain colors when we want to feel something, and it allows us to embody that emotion. Wearing a red dress is almost guaranteed to promote a ton of passion, for example, or painting the walls a light purple tends to bring a lot of peace.

This is nothing new. In fact, using color is a timeless and powerful practice. From the ancients in Greece to China, to India, to Egypt – color promoted different forms of healing and intention. Color can change the energy of a room (think about the difference of an orange room versus a white one) and can change something about you when you adorn yourself with certain colors.

Depending on different cultures, the meaning of color comes from nature, the elements, the chakras, parts of the body, and more.

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When we use color with intention and embrace the meaning, magic can happen. You can invite in the energy you want to embody, especially with fine jewelry and meaningful jewelry. These subtle vibrations that come from genuine gemstones and crystals can carry a major impact. So now, the question is, what colors and meanings are calling to you right now?

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