Color Therapy: What Colors to Wear to Inspire Positive Vibes

Color Therapy: What Colors to Wear to Inspire Positive Vibes

Quick. Think of the colors in your closet and in your jewelry box. Do you ever wonder why you’re drawn to certain colors and, depending on the day, choose to wear one color over another? Perhaps you want to feel a color that helps you project confidence and energy, or it could be the perfect day to select a color that inspires your creative side.

This isn’t just random. Did you know the colors you wear play an important part when it comes to your emotions and what you project out into the world? There is actually a scientific name for color therapy, chromotherapy, the process of using colors and their light frequencies to strengthen individuals physically and emotionally. It is thought that different colors evoke their own related responses, impacting mood, motivation, and how we relate to others.

Color therapy has been recognized and used for centuries. Ancient Egyptians embraced the power of light and used various colors to promote healing. Today, color therapy is especially prevalent in Eastern medicine. In Indian philosophy, specific colors are associated with each of the seven chakras, considered centers of spiritual power and certain energy fields within our body.


Different colors nurture various aspects of who we are, harmonizing with and supporting different aspects of our multi-faceted personalities. Knowing your best and most positive colors can help you start each day with energy and intention.

Take red. It is one of the stronger colors for positive energy. Scientific studies have actually shown that when someone looks at the color red, it actually increases their heart rate and results in a rush of adrenaline. Can you think of a better color to wear on a date or with someone you love?

Red isn’t the only positive energy color, nor is it a color we may want to wear every day. Depending on our mood, emotional needs, and intention, there is a color perfect for the inspiration and energy we need.

Shades of green convey a sense of abundance and are associated with revitalization and stability, as well as peace and stability. For many people, the color green has strong links to nature, freshness, and tranquility. It is often seen as a lucky, healthy color.

Yellow is said to be the happiest color, promoting optimism and positive thinking. It is believed to stimulate the left side of the brain, responsible for analytical thinking.

When you wake up every morning, take a moment to evaluate your feelings and what you want to focus on for that day. Then use the guide below to select the perfect accessories to support your intention.


Wear Purple To Inspire: Creativity, Imagination, Compassion, Wisdom, Power, Nobility, Dignity, Intuition, Trust


Wear Yellow To Inspire: Happiness, Positivity, Enthusiasm, Opportunity, Enlightenment, Optimism, Mood Boost


Wear Blue To Inspire: Balance, Calmness, Reducing Stress, Loyalty, Spirituality, Serenity, Relaxation, Security, Trust, Staying Focused


Wear Green To Inspire: Luck + Prosperity, Growth, Health, Tranquility, Harmony, Fertility


Wear Orange To Inspire: Happiness, Energy, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Change, Stimulation, Prosperity, Pleasure


Wear Pink to Inspire: Romance, Love, Calmness, Femininity, Fertility, Healing


Wear Red To Inspire: Love, Romance, Excitement, Strength, Power, Determination, Courage, Passion, Attention, Vitality


Wear Black To Inspire: Sophistication, Security, Strength, Power, Elegance, Mystery, Exclusivity, Absorbing Negative Energy, Mourning

What is your ideal color or colors? You’ll find the perfect accessories in our extensive jewelry selection.

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