10 Must-Have '90s Jewelry Trends Making a Comeback

10 Must-Have '90s Jewelry Trends Making a Comeback

Ah, the '90s—they're back. An era that brought a wild and unpredictable spin into fashion, blending grunge, glamour, and retro vibes into a glorious mishmash of styles. We're here for the resurgence of these alternative trends—especially when it comes to jewelry. Finally, you don't have to reminisce about the 90s, its all here in our 90s-inspired collection of throwback styles. Its the answer to you rocking #90sCore "OMG" vibes pre-Y2K jewelry trends that give us the OMG vibes but now with our older, more refined palates.
Need a refresher on the most notable jewelry trends from the '90s? Let us guide you through the top 10 trends that are sure to bring a sense of nostalgic vibe to the nineties kids. And for those who are new to all things 90s, join us on a journey back in time to explore these iconic styles, re-imagined with a modern Alex and Ani twist.

1. Chokers: The Quintessential '90s Cool

Chokers, anyone? They were the poster child of '90s coolness. Fast forward to present day, and chokers are back with a vengeance. Today's vibe is all about understated elegance and refined details. They're like the little black dress of necklaces—simple, versatile, and effortlessly chic. 

Styling Tip: Create a chic choker necklace stack with our moon + crystal adjustable necklace. Easily adjust the layers to suit your individual style. Complete the look with a stylish black slip dress and a timeless white tee. 


2. Tiny Charm Jewelry

As the OG of charm jewelry, you probably know us well. Whether you're a nineties kid or new to it, you've likely sported a charm bracelet at some point. For a '90s-inspired twist, we've revived the most iconic symbols from that era in the form of bite-sized charms. Picture cassette tapes, magic 8 balls, yin yangs, and ring pops—all grown up, transformed into mini enamel and resin charms hanging from necklaces and bracelets that make a subtle yet playful statement.





3. Heart-Shaped Gems

Heart-shaped jewelry is back, courtesy of the '90s grunge-meets-romance vibe. With colorful stone pendant hearts necklaces to vintage-style charm bangles, it's all about blending edginess and romance, reviving that iconic era.


Styling Tip: Curate a modern grunge look by adding a heart-shaped pendant necklace, the perfect finishing touch for your '90s alternative vibe.

4. Chunky Rings: Bold, beautiful and back in style.

Chunky rings reigned the nineties, with distinctive designs and oversized silhouettes that were practically a fashion statement on their own. From mood rings claiming to decode emotions to those commanding signet rings exuding unapologetic confidence, they were all the rage.
Styling Tip:  Elevate your style by stacking chunky rings or let a single statement ring define your look with sophistication. 



5. Butterfly Details

Remember when butterfly motifs were all the rage during the '90s? It wasn't just about jewelry; it was a full-blown trend that infiltrated all of pop culture. From delicate butterfly necklaces, to funky necklaces, to earrings that were like mini works of art, butterflies were everywhere. And who could forget those butterfly hair clips? Why reminisce when you can wear them today? Explore our butterfly-inspired jewelry collection and embrace the nostalgia with a modern twist. 









6. Hoop Earrings: Go Big or Go Home

In the '90s, hoop earrings were all about making a statement—go big or go home, they said. Pop stars and Hollywood A-listers flaunted these bold beauties like there was no tomorrow.
To capture that classic '90s vibe, opt for sleek all-metal hoops that work seamlessly with both casual and formal wear. For a power-packed look, our shiny metal faceted hoop earrings will certainly elevate your staple black blazer. And for a playful twist, consider our a pop of crystal color or neutral colored beads to boost your confidence when you need it most.

7. Nameplate Necklaces

Let your jewelry do the talking for you with a new nameplate necklace that would earn Carrie Bradshaw's approval. It's the stylish and distinctive addition your jewelry box has been longing for—we guarantee it.

8. Pearls: Perfectly Imperfect

Let's talk pearls—those timeless treasures that we all secretly adore. This year, they're getting a contemporary makeover with a dash of '90s influence.  Once pegged for being preppy and conservative, pearls have decided to let loose, thanks to style icons like Harry Styles, Gigi Hadid, and the influential #Pearlcore trend. Think mismatched pearl earrings, elongated pearl drop necklaces and oversized wrists stacks of piled on pearls.
Styling Tip: Pair your pearls with other iridescent gemstones like opals and moonstone. It's like wearing a tuxedo with colorful, mismatched socks—unexpectedly delightful!

9. Anklets: Elevating Your Ankles Year-Round

Picture this: the '90s delicate treasures known as anklets. They're not just reserved for summery sandals and sneakers anymore. These ankle accessories are your year-round style secret, ready to enhance your look in any season.
Styling Tip: Whether you're rocking cropped jeans, chic shorts, or a flowing maxi skirt, anklets are the tiny detail that adds a touch of style, no matter the weather.


10. Did We Mention Bangles?

Wearing a stack of bangles exudes a certain undeniable charm and certain 'je ne sais quoi?' It's like catching up with an old friend from—familiar yet refreshingly chic. To add a '90s deco twist to your bangle game, think about color-blocking your pieces. Mixing bold, vibrant colors with geometric patterns is all about making a stylish and nostalgic statement. So, embrace that retro spirit with your bangle collection and let your wrists do the talking.
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