Yellow Jewelry

We associate yellow with so many positive and happy things! From the sun and sunflowers to butterflies and daisies, yellow is a color that’s bursting with cheerful, happy vibes. If you’re someone that needs a little more enthusiasm and optimism in their life, yellow is the color for you! Whether you opt to wear citrine gemstones from your birth month or every piece of jewelry you wear has a gold finish, there are plenty of ways to include this sunshiny hue into your life. We’d love you to explore our meaningful yellow bracelets and more to find ways to express your joy!

Orange Jewelry

Closely related to yellow, orange is another extremely enthusiastic color. Long associated with energy, excitement, and personality, our orange jewelry can come in the form of stamped butterflies, beaded chains, and cut lava crystals! In many cultures, the color orange is also associated with change, so many people buy it when they’re trying to manifest new things in their life or when they’re hoping for a fresh start. Browse our orange styles and discover new favorites here!

Jewelry for Positive Vibes

We’re all about meaningful maximalism. We love stacking bangles and necklaces and wearing multiple pieces at the same time. If you’re hoping color symbolism will brighten up your life, we recommend wearing orange and yellow pieces together to get the most out of the positive energy you want to manifest, and look cute and stylish, too! Shop all the orange and yellow jewelry in our collection to mix and match stacks for positive vibes all year round!

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