Daisy Jewelry

The daisy has been part of symbolic history for centuries. In ancient times, this flower was associated with the Norse goddess Freya for fertility and love, the Roman nymph Belides for virtue and innocence, and even the Virgin Mary for chastity. Today, the daisy’s meaning has evolved to include purity, youth, and positive vibes. Additionally, daisies are associated with birth and children, making them a popular gift for a new mother. If any of these interpretations resonate with you, you might consider wearing daisy jewelry to remind yourself of the things you stand for. You may even want to gift a close friend with daisy bangles or charms if they just gave birth! Whether you’re looking at daisy jewelry as a gift for yourself or a new mother, explore our pieces today!

Daisy Bracelets + Bangles

We strive to create inclusive, versatile designs to ensure everyone has something that speaks to their aesthetic. Whether you’re interested in a glossy, semi-precious metal daisy or a playful resin and bead design, we have it all! Browse our daisy bracelets and bangles to create a custom stack that includes your favorite flower! Looking for other floral styles? Explore our floral collection for buttercups, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, and more.

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