September Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

Calling all our Virgo and Libra birthday babies! If you follow astrology, you already know that people born under these two zodiac signs tend to be charismatic, intelligent, and kind. The qualities associated with these two signs have a lot in common with the birthstone itself. September birthstone jewelry always features the beautiful blue sapphire. Both the sign and the birthstone are commonly associated with wisdom and kindness. Sapphires have historically been favored by royalty, believing they protect you from harm. Today, sapphires are still considered majestic. September birthstone rings, earrings, necklaces, or any kind of jewelry are a stunning way to express your connection to your birthstone.

Wearing Your Birthstone

Birthstones are the gem that connects you to your astrological sign and the universe as a whole. These spiritual stones are universally worn worldwide as a representation of the zodiac, emphasizing the connection between us and the cosmos, and providing the wearer benefits associated with a particular stone. Wearing your birthstone is said to help clear your mind, body, and soul of any blockages while attracting healing energies, leaving you feeling balanced and in tune with the world around you. Wearing September birthstone jewelry not only looks beautiful, but it also promotes general well-being.

September Birthstone Jewelry

Our collection of September jewelry includes a vast assortment of September birthstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Browse the collection of zodiac charms and sapphire jewelry. Perfect as a gift or to celebrate you! Want a more personal touch? Choose from our birthstone + zodiac charms to create a custom bracelet or necklace, or browse all of our personalized jewelry!