3 Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Try this Summer

3 Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Try this Summer

Our Summer Collection embodies a boho-beach vibe that inspires a carefree spirit. It mixes natural elements with pops of color and seashore symbolism to create eclectic, effortless and insta-worthy styling moments for you to try all Summer long.


Modern day anklets have been upgraded with chic twists that can be worn all-year-long, to the beach and beyond. While natural, organic shell styles still hold reign, we have modernized this popular trend to include other materials like crystals, precious finishes and delicate chains.

FOOT FASHION STYLING TIP: Start with a minimal option and balance out with a sleek sandal.

If you’re a minimalist, start out with one anklet that is either super dainty or a more statement style. This will give your look an effortless vibe without looking too flashy. Balance your statement anklet with a ‘barely there’ neutral-colored sandal.


FOOT FASHION STYLING TIP: Channel Your Inner Child

Channel your inner child and relive the good ole days by bringing back those colorful beaded anklet you once wore as a kid. Happy feet will lift your mood by wearing every color of the rainbow!

You don’t need a pair of sandals or shorts to rock the anklet trend this summer. If sneakers and jeans are more your speed, offset your colorful rainbow anklets with your favorite pair of Reeboks and Levi’s.

FOOT FASHION STYLING TIP: Experiment with layering and mixing and matching finishes.

Add a snazzy touch to your ankles and toes and play with layers, just like you would your wrist and fingers. If you’re worried about coming off overly trendy, consider sticking to neutrals for your attire with a cropped, wide-legged linen pant.

Finish off your look with some twinkle toes! Take your accessorizing game to the next level by polishing off your foot style with sea-inspired toe rings. Your feet will thank you.


This trend originates from the Instagram culture of encouraging designs to be eye-catching, statement-making and photo worthy. This sentiment is reflected through explosive colors such as pastel neons and bold primaries, combined with lustrous, glittery and glitzy finishes.

If you are one that tends tend to stick with silver or gold, time to break out of your comfort zone and experiment with some color! Be inspired by our playful palette inspired by warm weather and brighter days.

[below] COLOR STYLING TIP: ALL THE BLUES! Invoke the spirit of the sea in calming hues of blue.


[below] COLOR STYLING TIP: CORAL CRUSH! Crush it with coral, pink and red styles.


[below] COLOR STYLING TIP: TANGERINE DREAM! Mix orange and yellow for a refreshing new twist for your wrist.


The natural shells we use in our Summer Collection are all hand strung and on a stretch base. We picked a variety of shells to get the colors we desired and the stretch functionality in our organic beaded bracelets and anklets allow for comfort and versatility in styling that can be worn to the beach and beyond. The beauty of natural shells gives an organic quality of colors and shapes that gives an eclectic vibe and brings elements of the ocean to the wearer.

Shells are known to bring good fortune and protection. Their hard exteriors are known to easily deflect negative energy. They can add new meaning to your jewelry or amplify the existing meaning.

ORGANIC BEADS STYLING TIP: Amplify the meaning of your shell style by pairing with our Mermaid Glitz Collection. Not only will they amplify the existing meanings of the shell motifs, but it also gives you a great opportunity to create a bold that is paired with some of your favorite bangles.



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