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Tropical Nautical Summer Jewelry Collection

An afternoon stroll, hair down, breeze blowing across your face. You’re barefoot in the sand, and everything feels just right. As we splash into summer, we are reminded of the magic this season brings. It’s the essence of living life to the fullest and embracing all the possibilities in the warm months ahead. Bask in this newfound tropical state of mind and layer on new summer styles and nautical jewelry that will put you on island time – no matter where you are.


Our Tropical Jewelry Collection 

Our newest Tropical Nautical Collection is filled with vibrant reminders from the tropics. It mixes pops of color, tropical motifs, and bold styles to create eclectic, effortless and insta-worthy styling moments for you to try all summer long.​ We encourage you to mix and match bangles and bracelets, along with your favorite pendants and earrings to develop chic new looks that are uniquely layered!

What's Your Summer Story?

 Every summer has a story, build yours with meaningful symbols of the season.  We have taken our 5 most powerful summer symbols (Wave, Anchor, Sun, Mermaid, and Compass) and re-imagined them with a thoughtfully crafted, modern take on meaning.

Whether you opt for the pineapple and palm trees of tropical jewelry or the pearls and shells of coastal-inspired pieces, we have everything you need to maximize your summer accessories (and styling tips too!).


The Power of Symbols

Look to the power of these charms to ignite confidence. These symbols capture a steadfast, carefree optimism and a testament to the strength and endurance of all living things. Be positive and remember that you can get through anything you put your mind too.  

No need to pack your bags, bring the tropics home with the NEW Tropical Nautical Collection. Create your own oasis with new styles that spark positivity and bring color back in your world. 


Create Your Own Oasis

Escape to your own tropical oasis with colorful new bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Explore all new summer arrivals

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