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ALEX AND ANI’s How-To Guide on Layering Bracelets

How to Stack Bracelets 

We wear jewelry that expresses who we are and the image we want to portray. Think of your body as a canvas and jewelry as the picture you paint. Sometimes that picture is the simplicity of a single necklace or ring. At other times, you may want to create a bolder, more eye-catching jewelry statement. Layering is a perfect way to add that extra dimension. 

While we typically think of layering necklaces or rings, the wrist with its silhouette and length provides the perfect backdrop for a layered approach. But how to layer bracelets for the right effect and make a statement that is both beautiful and uniquely personal? Here are our tips for how to stack bracelets for the perfectly curated wrist.

Embrace Diveristy

When you look through our bracelet collection, you’ll find everything from simple butterfly cord bracelets to our new tension clip bangles, beaded styles, bolo sliders, and flex cuffs. Delicate and bold alike, whether they are finished in silver, brushed gold, shiny gold, or a variety of other beautiful finishes, every bracelet can fit into your curated layered approach.

Think Color

Depending on your outfit, bracelets with complementary or contrasting colors can pump up the volume. Incorporate striking gemstone cuffs, either together or as an accent color between metallic hues. If you like dressing in neutral tones, use stacked bracelets to make your color statement or incorporate a mix of metallics for a more classic look.

blue and green beaded bracelets stackTake A Charmed Approach

Take your personalization up a notch with bracelets featuring dangling charms that have special meaning. Pick a theme or element such as Zodiacs + BirthstonesHarry Potter™, or Mantras + Inspirational, and explore the wide diversity of shapes, colors, and sizes to create your unique layered statement.

gold bracelets with symbols and texture

How Many is Too Many?

At ALEX AND ANI, it’s all about you and your aesthetic, so we believe the number of bracelets you wear is really up to you. But to start at the beginning, bracelet stacking 101, we recommend starting with three bracelets. Then experiment with different combinations and layering effects to determine what works for you. Mix and match metals or designs, creating the perfect style. From there, try adding one or two (or more) bracelets. How many you ultimately wear is totally up to you.bracelet stack with silver symbols and texture

There Are No Rules

When it comes to how to stack bracelets, there really are no jewelry “do’s” or “don’ts.” Feel free to experiment and find the combinations that work for you (or get you the most compliments). It won’t be long before you find your stacking groove!

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