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ALEX AND ANI’s How-To Guide on Layering Bracelets

How to Stack Bracelets

When it comes to accessorizing, many people think about stackable rings or layered necklaces. But stacking your bracelets can also pull together any ensemble and make the simplest outfit look ultra-chic. If you’re wondering how to layer your bracelets, ALEX AND ANI is here with a guide to help you out! Explore our recommendations and discover how you can get creative with some of your favorite accessories with help from the jewelry experts.

Add Color with Meaning

Choosing a few different colorful bracelets is a great way to mix and match your stack. If you’re wearing an outfit with particularly strong color play, incorporate your bracelets into the mix. Do you have beaded bracelets in a complementary color? Throw one on to mix between the more metallic hues! Have gemstone cuffs that would look great with your printed top? Add it to the stack!

blue and green beaded bracelets stackUse Charms to Express Yourself

You might be used to wearing bracelets and cuffs that are simple and linear, but it could be time to change it up with some dangling charms that are uniquely you. Introduce new shapes and lines into your layered look. Charm bracelets are available in so many shapes, colors, and sizes that you can completely personalize your stack with a theme or element, like Zodiacs + Birthstones, Harry Potter™, Mantras + Inspirational, and so much more.

Play with Shape & Size

Mixing and matching are an essential part of making fashion interesting – and the same goes for layering bracelets. While multiple matching bangles can be a great choice for some occasions, sometimes, you want to create a more boho, carefree vibe. If you’re learning how to stack bracelets, play with different sizes and shapes to add interest, movement, and life to your jewelry. A thick cuff or wrap flanked by thinner cords and beads ensures a unique energy and look. You can also mix charm bangles with a big watch for a style that’s both beautiful and practical.

gold bracelets with symbols and texture

How Many is Too Many?

At ALEX AND ANI, we believe that the number of layering bracelets you wear is completely up to your aesthetic. However, if you want some basic guidelines to help you get started, we recommend using just three bracelets to get the hang of stacking. Depending on their size and shape, you may want to go up to five – especially if they’re thinner bangles or cords.

bracelet stack with silver symbols and texture

Bracelet Fit

You’ve got the hang of layering bracelets, but some feel like they’re about to fall off, and others are just way too tight. It sounds like you’ve got a fit problem! When shopping for bracelets, you can look for adjustable styles, like pull chains, to ensure they always fit just right. If you can’t find adjustable bracelets, make sure your pieces allow you to slide a finger between the chain and your wrist to guarantee your comfort.

Build Your Stack

Now that you know how to layer bracelets, ALEX AND ANI can help you mix and match with our stackable collections. Use our virtual Build Your Stack tool to layer on bracelets and perfect your unique look!

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