Mind, Body Spirit: Finding Your Zest for Life | June 2021

Mind, Body Spirit: Finding Your Zest for Life | June 2021

This summer, open up your mind to new symbols and meanings. The Zest for Life Collection captures all of the joy, optimism and sweetness that comes with the beginning of summer. The lemon, watermelon and strawberry symbols are reminders that the season is short but sweet, and should be enjoyed to the fullest while it lasts. The collection is also a reminder that you can find your own zest for life, by something as big as pursuing a new passion, or something as simple as putting on a fun, brightly colored bracelet that brings a moment of joy to your day. 


But when we talk about finding your zest for life, we also need to remember that we don’t have to feel that kind of high vibe, bursting-at-the-seams positivity that inspired this summer’s looks. It’s also important to give yourself space for all of your emotions, and not to be held back by the idea that you’re supposed to be feeling different than you are. You’re allowed to feel sad on a sunny day. You’re allowed to give yourself a day on the couch when everyone else is going to the beach. You’re allowed to feel exactly how you feel in the exact moment you feel it. 

Too often, we tell ourselves we aren’t entitled to our feelings because other people have it worse than we do, and we have “good problems” in comparison. We shouldn’t feel overwhelmed at work because we’re lucky to have jobs we love. We shouldn’t feel drained by having too many social plans. We shouldn’t feel the moments of doubt and sadness we all feel because someone else is telling us to “stay positive.”


This month’s sweet symbols are reminders embrace the moments of joy and happiness as they come, but also to practice realistic optimism. To embrace the power of positive thinking while still allowing yourself to check in with where you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually with truth and transparency. You can make space for all of your feelings while still looking towards the future with a positive mindset. It’s just a process to get there, and every step is an important step.

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