Crystals 101: Your Self-Love Starter Kit

Crystals 101: Your Self-Love Starter Kit

They’re everywhere – department stores, spiritual bookshops, in jewelry, and in the media. We’re talking crystals, and with the recent boom of popularity of these earthly gems, the idea seems to have gotten a little lost. What are they used for? How do they work? Do you need to cleanse them? Which crystal means what?

Breathe, relax, and smile. Here is your guide to simplify the process of connecting and using crystals as a tool for your personal well-being.



Crystal Education: The Pocket-Sized Edition

The use of crystals for intent can be traced back to the Ancient Sumerians, Romans, Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians. They were definitely onto something, because as Eastern medicine began to rise, so did the idea that your body is an energetic field influenced by energy. The Hindu and Buddhist concept of chakras, and the Chinese idea of Chi harmonized perfectly with these little energetic conduits.

Stones are made up of elements, just like us. Those elements turn out to be major conductors of electricity. Did you know that crystal quartz is used in most technology like computers, phones, lasers, and more? Technology is finding that crystals can store information! The use of crystals in science and medicine is quickly being developed. Since they impact energy and can store information, you can “program” them to give a surge of electricity and energy to your intention – healing, manifestation, etc.

  • Once a stone has been introduced to you, you begin an unbreakable bond. Each has its own personality and purpose that heightens whatever aspect of healing you seek.
  • They come in infinite shapes, sizes, and colors. If you like the way one glistened at you or the way it feels in your hand, that means it's meant for you.
  • Healing crystals are used as an aid in learning how to take back your control over the way you perceive life. Which, in the long run, teaches you how to see the purpose in actions, situations, and experiences, and apply them to your greater good.
  • Change requires action, no matter how many stones you carry with you or stack on your wrist. Let the crystals be the driving force that propels you forward, instead of expecting them to bring immediate satisfaction or results.


Our Curated Gift to You



Below, you will find your guide to our expertly selected crystal starter kit (a $25 value) - our gift to you with a $68+ purchase, now until 5/10 (while supplies last). Each starter kit comes in a pouch that includes 4 starter crystals: Rose Quartz, Brazilian Amethyst, Green Quartz and Sunstone, an educational card on each stone's healing properties, and instructions on how to cleanse + charge your crystals for optimum benefits.

Whether keeping these crystals for yourself, or gifting them to a loved one, this starter kit is an essential tool for your personal well-being. You can place crystals throughout your home or carry them close to your heart (or in your hand), no matter where they are placed they will aid in providing you the positive energy you need.


“The stone of the heart, this gentle crystal carries a soft energy that will elevate your heart to find universal love. Hold this rose quartz stone to sense all the love that surrounds you every day.”

  • Light pink, translucent stone.
  • The ultimate go-to for emotional healing and channeling unconditional love.
  • A guide for learning to forgive, overcoming ego, and developing acceptance for what is.

Recommended Use: Hold, or wear around your neck to keep the stone close to your heart. Claim and activate by holding it in the palm of your hand, and set the intention for the way you wish for it to guide you. Repeat:

"Love is overflowing in my reality.
Love runs through me and back out to the world.
I choose to see love in all things.
I am guided by universal love."


"Transforms the negative into positive. Amplify protections and feel confident with this high vibrational stone. Hold this amethyst stone to brighten your spirits and intensify positive feelings.”

  • A twinkly, translucent purple.
  • Hand over your worries to the amethyst. Let it absorb and transmute your anxiety into something more uplifting.
  • Let it tell you what you need to work on to get there. 

Recommended Use: Wear them in earrings or a ring to keep them subtly all day. Claim and activate by holding the stone in the palm of your hand, and set the intention for the way you wish for it to guide you. Repeat:

"Everything I experience
is happening for my benefit.
I have what I need to live a happy life.
I am strong, resilient, and capable."


“Creates a nourishing field for you to prosper. This transformative stone will inspire creativity and attract success in all of your endeavors. Hold this green quartz stone and feel the luck coming your way.”

  • A soothing, serene ivy green.
  • Protects and grounds you.
  • Attracts serendipitous opportunities for your personal growth.

Recommended Use: Place on your desk at work, or wear around your neck to keep the stone close to your heart chakra. Claim and activate by holding it in the palm of your hand, and set the intention for the way you wish for it to guide you. Repeat:

"Everything is working out in my favor,
and for the highest good of all involved.
I sustain peace and contentment in my life,
and spread it wherever I go."


“The stone of leadership and freedom. This warm and powerful stone will bring openness, strength, and mental clarity to your life. Hold this sunstone and take on your greatest challenges without fear.”

  • A bright, rich orange.
  • Clears and activates energy pathways, enhancing the power of all other crystals.
  • Reminds you to balance your practical magic with the whimsical.

Recommended Use: Meditate laying down with the stone placed on your sacral chakra, or belly button. Claim and activate by placing a hand over it, and set the intention for the way you wish for it to guide you. Repeat:

"I now evoke beautiful warm light all around,
illuminating even the darkest of places within me."

There is a crystal for any and every part of you. Allow them to walk with you on your path, and notice the tides starting to turn.

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This crystal starter kit will make for a thoughtful gift for your loved one this Mother's Day or to keep for yourself. Be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer, while supplies last!




QUICK GUIDE: How to cleanse and charge your crystal starter kit

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