• Love is a Superpower.

    The Mother’s Day 2023 collection honors the power of love and its unstoppable force. A mother’s love is a power we harness daily to sustain our families and ourselves. At Alex and Ani, we’re a team of moms. We are #BoyMoms, CEO moms, #GirlMoms, dog moms, and new mamas. Behind all the job descriptions, to-do lists, and schedules, it’s important to remember the why behind it all. The why is love.


Generations of Motherhood

You’ve learned all you need to know about motherhood from your mom and she passed that down from her mom. This is the village it takes to raise a family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  • “My mom and nana have surrounded me with unconditional love and unwavering optimism my entire life. They have shaped me into the woman (and now mother!) that I am today.”
    — Jennifer C., Director of Omni Channel Marketing

  • Chief Mom Officer

    She’s your mini-me, and you’re her everything. She’s watched you conquer it all, mama! Your superpower is being able to juggle work and motherhood with grace (most of the time). Love is your reason, it’s what fuels the long days, and it is your SUPERPOWER.


Mother = Multitasker

Motherhood is undeniably a full-time job with more duties than we could possibly list. Your selfless superpower is that you get it all done and then some! Stack on styles that effortlessly fit into your everyday look.

  • “Being a mother is the absolute greatest gift! I am extremely lucky to have 3 beautiful and healthy children. Having 3 kids, 5 and under while working full time keeps me very busy but I LOVE the chaos! It is truly invigorating! My babies are my life and I would not have it any other way!”
    — Stephanie P. VP, Strategic Management Office 

For the Pet Mom

They’re your heart on four legs, your whole world! Pet mamas are a special breed, and every fur baby deserves to be loved as much as you love your four-legged friend. Layer on styles that honor pet love.

  • “To be a dog mom is to experience unconditional love. A love beyond language and free of judgement. I wear my paw print bangle to remind me of how special it is to have a love like that in my life, and to inspire me to love others in the same way.”
    — Colleen F. VP, Partnerships and Brand Licensing  

  • The Special Bond of a Mother + Son

    Family is a gift that lasts forever. There’s nothing quite as special as the relationship between a mother and her son. You’ve passed the best of yourself onto him and built a relationship that will last a lifetime.

  • Daughters Becoming Mothers

    Mama-to-be, this is a magical time, although it may not feel like it every day. Soak up every little kick and hiccup, and take a moment to appreciate your body for all its motherhood magic. Your little one is on their way into the world, and they can’t wait to meet you. Take in all the wisdom your mom has to offer and don’t forget to listen to your superhero intuition.


For the Mom-fluencer

You are their biggest inspiration, whether they want to admit it or not. You’ve got style, mama! Add a pop of trending bold color to your look with our newest collection, and watch how your girls emulate your style. 

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