Root for the Home Team

There is something so magical about the Olympics. Against all odds, the whole world comes together beaming with pride in support of our country’s star athletes. Seeing incredible athletic talent as we watch our teams leave it all on the field leaves us feeling patriotic! Show your support with our Olympic jewelry! The Team USA collection features sports charms and the good ol’ red, white, and blue!

Red, White, Blue and You!

Olympic bracelets represent hope, unity, and, of course, team spirit! No matter what your favorite Olympic sport is, there’s a charm for that! Personalize your Team USA bracelet with elements that appeal the most to you. Mix and match charms to represent all your favorite Olympic events, or create your own charm bracelet symbolic of your favorite sport. Our Team USA collection includes red, white, and blue rope bracelets, as well as silver and gold charm bangles.

Discover Unique Designs

Symbolism is at the heart of all our jewelry. All of our eco-friendly pieces are designed to connect you with the things that matter the most to you. Whether it be a celebration of life’s milestones or a representation of the things that inspire you — our jewelry is meant to be an avenue for self expression. Show off your enthusiasm for all things sports with an Olympic bracelet. Shop our Team USA collection today!