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The History + Meaning of Guardian Angels

Guardian angel meaning has been around for countless millennia, and it still holds relevance today. While guardian angel symbolism is especially prominent in religious and spiritual cultures and beliefs, the idea of a guardian angel transcends religion and spirituality. For example, your guardian angel can be a special person in your life who watches over and protects you. No matter what you believe, guardian angel jewelry serves as a powerful reminder that you’re never alone. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind the symbol.

Strength + Protection

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Guardian angels are often viewed as entities that offer strength and protection during difficult times in life. Guardian angel meaning may stem from major or minor tribulations. For example, if someone survives a serious accident, they may say that their guardian angel was watching out for them. On the other hand, sometimes people look to their guardian angel when they need a confidence boost or some encouragement.

Wisdom + Guidance

Whether you consider your guardian angel to be a supernatural deity, a friend or family member, or a pure form of energy, the concept of a guardian angel embodies wisdom and guidance. Simply knowing that you’re not alone and that you’re being watched over helps you to stay grounded and make prudent life decisions.

The beauty of guardian angel meaning is that it can change as needed to fit your situation. No matter where you find yourself in life, look to your higher power to find the wisdom within yourself and all around you. Guardian angel symbolism can take the form of joy when you’re down, inspiration when you’re seeking it, and motivation when you need it most. Keep an open mind and heart, and allow your inner voice to guide you on your journey.

Faith + Hope

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Guardian angels are beautiful representations of faith and hope. The idea of guardian angels can be found in many religions, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. For many, guardian angel meaning serves as a simple reminder of their faith, and with that faith comes hope. Every time you look at your guardian angel jewelry, you’ll be reminded of what’s truly important to you.

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