Mind | Body | Spirit: September Newsletter

Mind | Body | Spirit: September Newsletter

This month welcomes a change in seasons. It’s the perfect time to let go of what you’re carrying out of habit or obligation, and walk into this new phase of the year with a fresh perspective to give yourself a new start. Release what no longer serves you, and make space for what’s next.

Mind: Sacred Mantras to Manifest Your Bliss 

It’s no secret that words have power — the words we speak and write to each other, the words we say to ourselves, the words that whisper in our minds over and over again. Mantras, though, hold a special kind of power. These are the phrases we use to remind ourselves of lessons we need to learn, of things we want to achieve, or of intentions we want to cement into reality.  As much as we might want to repeat these phrases to ourselves over and over to manifest those good intentions, with the kind of demands an average day puts on your time and your brain space, it can be too easy to forget. That’s why it can be so helpful to wear a mantra. When you wear a phrase that holds power for you, you’re giving yourself a way to connect to your intentions without having to keep it top of mind all the time. It’s a wearable reminder to connect to that intention at points throughout the day.  

Someone who wants to see more of the world could choose to keep the phrase Adventures Fill Your Soul close by — or those who love how the world looks when it’s rolling by at 65 mph could choose Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Those who are happiest at home could choose to wear a Family Is My Anchor bangle as a reminder of what’s waiting for you when you open the front door. 

The mantra that fits you best isn’t always a mantra you choose — sometimes it chooses you. A friend who knows you’re going through a tough moment could give you a Good Vibes bangle. A mother-to-be could be gifted a Blessed Mama or Love You to the Moon charm bracelet.

The beauty of the wearable mantra is that you can stack it with gemstone bangles that amplify and direct that phrase’s power, especially when it's a mantra that you create for yourself. Our engravable Mantras Collection necklaces, which pair gemstones with symbols that enhance their intention, like luck, love and wisdom, have space for you to choose your own phrase and keep it close to your heart.Body: Victorian-Inspired Charms with Deeper Meaning and Major Style 

This fall is all about looking back to move forward. Romantic, Victorian-inspired styles that remember the past but update them for modern wearability are everywhere this season. Enhance your fall look with charms that draw inspiration from generations past. You may not have seen these in your grandmother’s jewelry box, but you could have. Wear the Token of Adoration, with a sunflower on one side and a mantra about friendship on the other, to honor those you love the most. 

Wear the Token of Growth, with an acorn and a mantra about living life to the fullest, as a reminder that you are always growing and evolving. Or, wear the Token of Life set which pairs an acorn charm with an oak leaf.

Wear the Token of Luck, with a horseshoe and a mantra about protection, to remember that you are blessed and fortunate. Or, wear the Token of Luck layered stretch set of three, which pairs the horseshoe with genuine Green Aventurine to amplify your good fortune.

Wear the Token of Wisdom, with a moon and a mantra about trusting your intuition, as a reminder that you have everything you need within you to find the best way forward. 

Spirit: Make Contact with the Other Side, or Have Spooky Good Fun 

As much as fall is the season of transition, it’s also a time of celebration — to take stock of the year that has come before, and to appreciate the beauty and bounty that has filled your months — and a time of pure fun. When you’re preparing for the colder months and the winter ahead, remember to allow yourself some moments of silliness and play to celebrate the spookiest season.  

Add a skeleton cat or a spider to your bangle stack for something a little bit Halloween, or a silly, fun saying like “Ghouls just wanna have fun” or “You say witch like it’s a bad thing” to really add some All Hallows vibes to your season. Looking for more to add to your stack?

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