Mind Body Spirit: Mix Up Your Summer Necklace Layers | July 2021

Mind Body Spirit: Mix Up Your Summer Necklace Layers | July 2021

Whether it’s taking a running jump into a pool and making a huge splash, or driving with the windows down and the radio turned way up, summer is not the season for restraint. Life your life out loud this month, and shake up your style in any way that feels good to you.  

The must-have look of the season is a layered neck, but the beauty of this trend is that you can make it exactly what you want it to be. Add as many necklaces as you want, and mix and match as many styles and finishes as you like. It’s all about what makes you happy when you look in the mirror.


Start with the charms that mean the most to you: maybe it’s an Elephant Charm Necklace for strength and wisdom, an Evil Eye for protection, or a Guardian Angel for guidance.  

Then, enhance your layers with some gemstones, like a Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace to give and receive love, an Amethyst Gemstone Necklace to awaken your intuition, or a Fluorite Gemstone Necklace to enhance positivity and ward off negativity. 

Add in some fun, flirty symbols from the Zest for Life Collection to add some seasonal whimsy. It is summer after all. If you’re feeling sweet, add a Strawberry Charm Necklace or a Watermelon Charm Necklace. If you’re feeling a little more sour, add the Lemon 


Then, it’s time for some color. The new Ball Chain Necklaces are the must-have for the season, in a totally new style and finish. Vivid hues like orangemagentayellow and turquoise mean you can match to or contrast with any outfit. 

It’s all about whatever feels good — so layer all season long, and create a look that’s truly yours. 

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