Mind Body Spirit: Letting the Sunshine In | July 2021

Mind Body Spirit: Letting the Sunshine In | July 2021

July is the hottest time of year, when temperatures are consistently on the rise and the whole world, it seems, radiates warmth. The sun is strongest at this time of year, but the sun affects our daily lives far beyond just the temperature.  

With its nourishing energy and light, the sun’s warming rays are the essence of life itself. The sun has the power to allow everything in nature to grow and thrive, including ourselves, and its energy heals and nourishes us. Without the sun, we would cease to exist. Because of its elemental power, the sun is often associated with powerful mythological deities. In ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra, who brought about the sunrise every day, was a creator god who made himself and then eight other mythological Egyptian gods.   


The sun is one shining light in a universe of millions and millions of stars — but there is only one sun, just like there is only one of you. A symbol of your singular and unique self, the sun reflects your identity, and the face that the world sees. Bask in its radiance, feel energized by its essential energy, and feel empowered to meet the challenges in your everyday life.  

Wear the Sun Charm as a reminder of everything the sun represents, and a visible symbol that you hold that power within yourself. Add the Sun Slider Charm to any Create Your Own bracelet or necklace to add its meaning to your personal story. Wear it as an anklet to infuse that energy into every step you take.  


Beyond that, in its simplest association, the sun is symbol of fun. The sun’s rays deliver good vibes. A moment outside with the sun on your face can recharge you instantly. There’s a reason we say “sun’s out, fun’s out” or any of the million other cute sayings we associate with soaking in the summer sun. Use this time to relax and recharge yourself. You deserve it. So much. 

Stack on those good feels with the Girls Just Wanna Have Sun set of five bracelets, with a sunglasses charm and a sun charm in a stack with other iconic summer symbols, or in the Token of Celebration set of two, where the sun is paired with a tropical parrot on puka shell stretch bracelets. 



Carry the sun with you as a reminder to receive the sun’s nourishing light, and to hold it within you so that it radiates from you. You are a source of light in the world, and your energy is a beautiful gift. You shine. Let yourself glow.  


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