Keep It Clean: How to Care For Your ALEX AND ANI Jewelry

Keep It Clean: How to Care For Your ALEX AND ANI Jewelry

We all love to add beautiful jewelry pieces to our collection. Whether it be a new bangle, an intricately designed charm, or the translucent beauty of a beaded bracelet, there’s nothing like the feeling we get when we first put it on. What if we told you that you could experience that new jewelry feeling over and over again? It’s all about keeping it clean. 

The time to start your care routine is now. Our pieces look their best when they are shiny and sparkling. ALEX AND ANI product care is really pretty straightforward. Think of regular gentle cleaning and protecting pieces from accidental damage and scratching. 

If you're wondering how to clean a bracelet or any of our other jewelry selections, here are a few easy ways to keep your pieces looking new, wear after wear.

How to clean an ALEX AND ANI Bracelet:

The enemy here is something called oxidation, the blackening of metal when exposed to the elements or even your own body chemistry. The more detailed the piece, the more it may be prone to oxidation. But you can prevent this discoloring process before it happens by cleaning your jewelry soon after purchasing and regularly thereafter (about once a month).

A great and quick way to do that is by using our reusable signature polishing cloth (made from 100% cotton flannel)  that effectively and efficiently cleans all ALEX AND ANI jewelry. 

If you have a special finish, such as Rafaelian or shiny jewelry, you may need to do the extra cleaning step of dipping the piece in mild soap and water and gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse it in fresh water and pat it dry after wiping it.

    How to clean a charm bracelet:

    When you are working with a more detailed piece or one that includes more intricate charms, using a more refined tool, such as a soft bristled toothbrush, will help you access these small areas. Simply clean with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.

    Keeping your jewelry protected:

    Care shouldn’t stop with just cleaning your ALEX AND ANI jewelry. To preserve its beauty, you’ll want to keep it safely stored. Our jewelry pouch and travel case are beautifully designed to keep your treasured pieces safe.

    A caution on jewelry cleaner:

    While jewelry cleaner can be effective on some of our ALEX AND ANI pieces, it is a harsher method and can contain abrasives, small particles designed to clean through friction. For some of our designs, particularly ones with Rafaelian or shiny finishes, jewelry cleaner may actually harm the finish. Gentle is always the safer way to go.

    Check out our full tutorial below:

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