Keep It Clean: How to Care For Your ALEX AND ANI Jewelry

Keep It Clean: How to Care For Your ALEX AND ANI Jewelry

If you’re like us, there is nothing like showing off your bangles to complement any outfit. Stacking empowering icons from the our Symbol Wall with vibrant beads from any of our beaded accents quickly creates a signature look. And displaying your favorite charms from our Collaboration Collection pieces shows off your love for your home team or favorite magical wizards.

Whether you’re only wearing a few or stacking them high, bangles are the perfect combination of self-expression and style. But with everyday must-haves comes the need to keep 'em clean. We've got you covered with a few simple and easy ways to care for your jewelry at home.

Cleaning Your Bracelets:

  1. Cleaning your jewelry early and often (at least once per month) is the best way to prevent oxidation, and our reusable signature polishing cloth (made from 100% cotton flannel) effectively cleans all ALEX AND ANI jewelry. Simply rub the piece between the two interior cloths to restore its natural shine.

  2. If your Rafaelian or Shiny Finish jewelry requires further cleaning, dip the piece in mild soap and water and gently wipe with a soft cloth. After wiping, rinse in fresh water and pat dry.

  3. Because of the detail and materials included in some collections, you may need a more refined tool to give each piece a thorough cleaning. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the piece with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.

Some things to remember...

Over time, you may notice that pieces begin to dull, which is part of the natural oxidation process. While we can overlook oxidation on our favorite New York City landmark, if you’re not the Statue of Liberty, it’s not the best look. Luckily, oxidation is easy to correct.

Bangles look their best when they are shining and sparkling, and putting care and light maintenance into each piece will keep it looking like new. It's best to not wait for your charms to oxidize to care for it; you will see the best results if you polish each piece regularly starting from the point of purchase. Never use jewelry cleaner on Rafaelian Finishes or Shiny Finishes as they are harsh and may contain abrasives.

Check out our full tutorial below: