Behind The Scenes: Meet The Singles Of Our Valentine's Day Campaign , ALEX AND ANI

Behind The Scenes: Meet The Singles Of Our Valentine's Day Campaign , ALEX AND ANI

This Valentine's Day, we're helping real singles find real love just in time for the most romantic day of the year -- because making meaningful connections is kinda our thing.



Meet Kat @therefinedwoman Age: 33 Location: Brooklyn, New York Zodiac Sign: Cancer Status: Single Me: Looking for a real commitment. Career driven, family oriented, physically active. Looking for someone I can dream with. Ready to do all the things with my person. You: Adventurous, kind, humble, funny, driven. Must be ready to go all in. You’re emotionally available, kind, and a person of faith. Spirituality is important to you.


Meet Johnny @johnnysings Age: 34 Location: Rhode Island / Los Angeles Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Status: Single Me: Singer/songwriter who is sick of singing sad songs. True believer in magic, and still thinks anything is possible. Let’s go snowboarding. Let’s go to a show. Let’s go to Sweden. You: Trustworthy, honest, and open. Loves to watch Donny Darko every October. Probably went through an emo phase in high school. Gets along with my mom. Likes music and smiles a lot.


Meet Juli, @tangledwithtaste Location: Austin, Texas Zodiac Sign: Cancer Status: Single Me: Charming, independent, and compassionate mom. Super spontaneous and constantly looking for new adventures and opportunities. Stunt driver who abides by traffic laws. Fluent in Harry Potter and superheroes. You: Looks like Thor with the brains of Iron Man and the heart of Captain America. Respect is key. Brings humor to every situation. Must love food and indoor rock climbing.


Meet Jera, @jera.bean Location: New York, New York Zodiac Sign: Gemini Status: Single Me: Goofy Gemini gal who can find light and positivity in any situation. Confident, active, sensitive, loving. I can definitely make you laugh. You: Creative, tattoo-covered cutie pie. Passionate, driven, affectionate, and emotionally mature. Must have an amazing sense of humor. Honesty and communication are key.


Meet Justin, @dr.macc Age: 31 Location: New York, New York Status: Single Me: Loyal, thoughtful, and often outrageous with a soft spot for children. Loves pop music, hiking, Italian food, crossword puzzles, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. You: Confident and compassionate. Vibrant and dynamic with a smile to match. A man who plans for the future but lives in the moment. Must love dogs, children and Britney Spears.


Meet Jeremy, @jeremyjacobowitz of @brunchboys Location: New York, New York Zodiac Sign: Cancer Status: Single Me: Ambitious creative type who brunches hard and loves tequila. Always working, but willing to make time for the right person. Creator, hustler, huge Simpsons fan. You: A true companion who’s willing to challenge me. Must be weird, but not as weird as me. Loves to run around and eat at lots of different places. Excited to travel the world together.


Meet Jesse, @my_friend_jesse Location: Rhode Island Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Status: Single Me: A teammate who can play three instruments, cook dinner, and craft a killer cocktail. Great at playing ping pong. Looking for real connection and happiness. You: Crazy, sexy, cool. Ambitious. Kind eyes and an incredible smile. Must be able to laugh at each other's jokes.


Meet Chelsea, @thatschelsea Location: Washington D.C. Zodiac Sign: Libra Status: Single Me: Public health enthusiast and creative entrepreneur living her purpose. Friendly, kind, active. Loyal sports fan. Loves to travel, spend time with family. Ready for something real. You: Family-oriented man with integrity, passion, and emotional intelligence. Tall and athletic, but doesn’t wear gym shorts to dinner. Must love big, natural hair. Open to trying new things.


Meet Aly, @sweat life_nyc Age: 37 Location: New York, New York Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Status: Single Me: Hilarious and awesome. Very athletic. Passionate about physical fitness, but also creative, funny, and spontaneous. Driven, motivated, and currently looking for my best friend. You: Kind, giving, loving, and emotionally creative. Ready to be a true partner in crime. Looking for my best friend.


Meet Andi, @aruda611 Age: 27 Location: New York, New York Zodiac Sign: Gemini Status: Single Me: Motivated, driven, passionate CFO who is always laughing. Can find the positive in every situation. Loves going out with friends, painting, and running marathons. You: Fun, hardworking, loves your friends (and mine). Open to getting to know each other over a pizza and tequila. Being really tall doesn’t hurt either.


Meet Mia, @miamichaels Age: 52 Location: Miami, Florida Zodiac Sign: Pisces Status: Single Me: Queen unicorn seeking king unicorn. Choreographer, good person, friend, lover, and woman. A bit old-fashioned and likes when a gentleman makes the first move. Loves going to art galleries, museums, and music festivals. Let's explore amazing restaurants, drink fine wines, and grow together. You: Kind, passionate, and loving; hilarious and can make me laugh when life gets hard. Someone who is playful, fearless, and loves their life. I want my unicorn king to bring me joy and not play games.


Meet Lola, @thelolatash of @mytherapistsays Age: 25 Location: Los Angeles, California Zodiac Sign: Virgo Status: Single Me: Loyal, easy-going, funny, and open to trying new things. Socially awkward funny babe who loves Harry Potter. A Ravenclaw that feels like a Slytherin. Lover of museums, literature, and history, but also a good meme or two. You: Funny, confident, driven and hard-working. Honest and forthright about your emotions. Has no secrets. Likes me and acknowledges me in public. Fun-loving and enjoys going to museums and drinking out of the wine bottles we snuck in.


Meet Billie Lee, @itsmebillielee Age: 34 Location: Los Angeles, California Zodiac Sign: Pisces Status: Single Me: A lover and believer. Pretty much a glass-half-full kind of girl. Into yoga, meditation, and enjoy deep spiritual conversations. You: Kind, charismatic, and a beautiful soul. Lover of deep conversations. Must be a bit active, but also enjoy pizza. Can't be allergic to cats.


Meet Johan, @johanspeaks Age: 39 Location: Los Angeles, California Zodiac Sign: Virgo Status: Single Me: A thoughtful knucklehead with a great sense of humor. Happiest when I bring a smile to my mom's face. A storyteller with a positive narrative, trying to change the world. You: Curious, playful, and fine as hell. People-person who loves connecting and relating to others. Someone who can help make me the best version of myself. A person who can be her true self and join forces to build a life with me.


Meet Jes, @jesgordon Age: 49 Location: New York, New York Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Status: Single Me: Lover of fitness, animals, music, and exploring. Flowing into the middle part of my life and have never felt more energetic and alive. Sensitive to others, and love having the support of my friends and family. You: Strong and secure in yourself. Passionate about everything (including me). Naturally a happy and active person who's strong mentally and physically. MUST love dogs.


Meet Marcus, @stylemarcusjohn Age: 31 Location: Brooklyn, New York Zodiac Sign: Pisces Status: Single Me: Dynamic, humorous creative type who's serious about his passions. I can cook, clean, and bake. Pro communicator, very athletic, and a good listener. Let’s talk about our goals in life over a fancy dinner. You: Understanding, supportive, affectionate. Someone who is empathetic, open, and honest. You must be neat, have a great sense of humor, and be willing to rub my stomach when I’m sick.


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