Behind-The-Scenes: Mother's Day 2020 Campaign

Behind-The-Scenes: Mother's Day 2020 Campaign

For our Mother’s Day 2020 campaign entitled ‘Mother Muse’, we were inspired by the journey of motherhood and the life lessons passed through generations. We strived to capture the unbreakable bonds of motherhood in its most raw and authentic forms.


Our creative production (shot pre COVID-19) spotlights a cast of 6 diverse female figures who are inspirational muses to their children, grandchildren, godchildren, stepchildren and more. This group of diverse, empowering women and their families joined us on set at Neponset River Studios in Norwood, MA and we are so grateful to them for opening their hearts to us. We are honored to welcome then into the ALEX AND ANI family and share their inspirational stories of wisdom and female empowerment.

[BELOW] Jocelyne Beaudoin (@jocelyne__beaudoin) , Stepmother and Godmother

“I have learned so many things being a stepmom and godmother. It's very interesting to see what you stand for reflected in them. The connection between us is so beautiful and knowing that we are connected for life is rewarding to me. To be able to be in someone’s life as a guide is an honor.”



[BELOW] Layla Hosseini Gunning (@layla_hosseini) and Henry , Mom of 2

“The biggest thing that I learned from my mother, whether she even realized that she passed down to me or not, is resilience. If I could pass that down to my two kids I would feel like I did a good job as a mom.”

“My favorite part of being a mother is probably seeing my kids interact together and their love for each other. Also the moments that I watch my kids laugh and smile and even when we're just dancing in the kitchen, it's the little moments like that that make me really happy to be a mom.”


[BELOW] Deidre Reimold @dierdrereimold , Expecting Mother

“Something that I'm looking forward to the most is becoming someone's world and being the most important person to them. That's something that I'm really excited to experience and to become. I hope to pass down to my daughter the lessons that I’ve learned from my mother. To always believe in yourself, to be a strong person and to stand up for what you believe in.”




[BELOW] Jaycina (@jaycina) and 2 year old daughter Syx

"The most exciting part about being a mom is watching them grow and blossom. When Syx was a newborn she didn't talk or say anything, and now she has thoughts and opinions and can express her likes and dislikes. Seeing her form into a unique individual all on her own has probably been the most exciting part for sure."

"Syx has taught me how to be in the moment and live in the present. I think having a child is a grounding thing for sure. There's a lot of things as adults that we take for granted that kids are in awe and amazement about, so it makes you just slow down and really be present."

[BELOW] Colleen Thaler (@ct3366) & Shannon Thaler (@shannonthaler) , Mother & Daughter

Colleen: “Being a mother is a selfless kind of love and it's truly hard to explain until you have a child and at that moment, everything is given to them, your whole heart. Now that my kids are a little older, you want to be a mother, a friend and a disciplinary. It's a hard balance, but it's challenging and fun and I have great kids so it makes it easy. My daughter Shannon has taught me to be more independent. I look at her and she's fearless and she goes after what she wants. She is smart, funny and brings out the best in me.”

Shannon: “I think something that my mom always teaches me is that the most important thing in life is to be happy, nothing else truly matters. You need to find happiness within yourself, not from anything else.”



[BELOW] Roberta Sullivan & Montana Sullivan (@montsull) , Mother & Daughter

Roberta: “The thing that I've learned most about being a mom is to pick your battles and not to expect your children to be like you, to let them be themselves. I’d say my biggest role as a mother is to help my children be calm. My mantra is “It'll happen, or it won't, and either way it will be okay.” That’s it, just, it's okay. It is really powerful. It just calms things down, it brings things down a notch and you're like okay, it will all be okay.”

Montana: “My mom always allowed me to be really creative which is something that I appreciate a lot. When I was little she'd always let me paint on my walls and march to the beat of my own drum. My mom pushes me to be the best, most creative version of myself.”

Creative Director: Tarah K. Sutton; Photographer: Leonard Greco; Art Director: Natalie Feldman; Producer: Tracy Trouf; Wardrobe Stylist: Marci Duarte; Hair & Makeup: Kathleen Schiffmann; BTS Photography: Rashelle Palmer; Photo Assistant: Will McCarthy; Digital Tech: Gregory Waldo; Stylist Assistant: Annie Basile; Hair & Makeup Assistant: Min-ah Campos; Production Managers: Gina Caramadre + Gianna Capaldi

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