End of Summer Blues:
Hues for Tranquility

End of Summer Blues: Hues for Tranquility

 We live full, busy lives. It’s essential to take a break, step back, and find a tranquil place of reflection. Genuine turquoise gemstones are peaceful and calm, like the stillness of water, and their blue hues bring serenity to your day. Unarguably one of summer's "IT" colors, turquoise brings a cool tranquility to your sun-kissed look.   

Elevate your style with the perfect simplicity of turquoise. Give everyday jewelry a modern look that will stay on-trend well after the summer sun settles into fall. Create a bold look or go classic-chic; either way, this blue tone suits both warm and cool skin tones. ​

History + Spiritual Significance of Turquoise

Turquoise comes from the French word “turquois” meaning Turkish. This is because Europe was first introduced to this magnificent stone in the 17th century by Turkish merchants that mined for gemstones in Persia and them brought to Europe as precious goods. This beautiful blue stone can be found in regions all over the world and holds tremendous importance for many people.  

The low, calming vibrations of turquoise make it a highly spiritual stone. It amplifies the wearer's connection between the physical world around them and the spiritual realm just out of sight. Turquoise is often used in releasing rituals as it encourages the soul to let go of things that no longer serve us and soaks up negative energy inside and around us.

Turquoise is a connection gemstone and works well in tandem with the throat chakra symbol to stimulate clear communication for honest relationships. This, in turn, opens your spirit to fruitful friendships. Open your third eye more clearly when you wear turquoise and amethyst together. Amethyst is a cleansing stone that connects well with the calming aura of turquoise. You can also pair turquoise with jade to help ground yourself and bring overall well-being into your daily life. 

Styling Tranquil Blue Hues

The ocean blue shades of turquoise can act as a stepping stone to powerful pops of color in your everyday wardrobe. Your turquoise deserves to be the star of the show. Pavé crystals sparkle like shimmers of light on the surface of calm water when you unite them with turquoise. The clear color of the pavé crystals allows this blue gemstone to stand out without being outdone in beauty.  

 Pair this gemstone with neutrals to allow the peaceful blue hues to stand out. White, gold, and silver are the perfect backdrops for turquoise to really shine. White pearls balance the vibrancy of blue and act as an amplifier of protection and strength. Layer a turquoise necklace on top of your white linen matching set for a coastal-chic look that's sure to have you feeling your best.