Align Your Energy: A Guide to Pairing Stones and Crystals

Align Your Energy: A Guide to Pairing Stones and Crystals

When you pair crystals together, it can intensify what you want to attract. Different crystals and stones carry a different energy, and by harmonizing them together, you will create a powerful mixture. Check out our guide to creating a personal mix to amplify your intentions.


Sodalite and Amethyst This powerful pair is one for the mind and emotions. Sodalite eliminates confusion by clearing the mind and enhancing logical thinking. It helps with communication and putting you in tune with your emotions. Amethyst helps remove blockages, rid negative energy, and put you in tune with your crown chakra – the place where you get ideas. Use this duo to enhance creativity, work, athletic performance, or communication.

Turquoise and Jade Pairing these two stones together will help with grounding and overall well-being in your day-to-day life. Turquoise is protecting, grounding, and can attract relationships and friendships. Jade is a balancing stone that is revitalizing and attracts positivity. Wear these together for a daily dose of earthly love and to attract positive people and situations.

Rhodonite and Rose Quartz This heart based pair will attract the most healing love into your life. Whether it’s romantic, healing your heart, or harmonizing relationships you have, these stones are a powerhouse of attraction. Rhodonite is a stone of great love, balancing emotions and the heart chakra while inspiring ultimate peace. Rose quartz, also a stone of the heart, focuses on self love, compassion, and harmony. Bring peace to yourself and your relationships with these stones.

Red Jasper and Onyx When paired together, these stones become a powerful shield of protection. Red Jasper empowers and protects while grounding your emotions, while onyx helps you recall your personal power and get through tough times with ease. When worn together, you will be fortified through life’s hardships and be able to navigate through it with perseverance and strength.

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