Crystals 101: A Guide By Kozmic Ryder

Crystals 101: A Guide By Kozmic Ryder

They're everywhere – department stores, spiritual bookshops, in jewelry, and in the media. We're talking crystals, and with the recent boom of popularity of these earthly gems, the idea seems to have gotten a little lost. What are they used for? How do they work? Do you need to cleanse them? Which crystal means what?

Breathe, relax, and smile. Here is your guide to simplify the process of connecting and using crystals. And if you fall in love like we did, check out our crystal pieces.

Step one Know How They Work

The use of crystals for intent can be traced back to the Ancient Sumerians, Romans, Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians. They were definitely on to something, because as Eastern medicine began to rise, so did the idea that your body is an energetic field influenced by energy. The Hindu and Buddhist ideas of chakras, and the Chinese idea of Chi harmonized perfectly with these little energetic conduits.

Stones are made up of elements, just like us. Those elements turn out to be major conductors of electricity. Did you know that crystal quartz is used in most technology like computers, phones, lasers, and more? Technology is finding that crystals can store information! The use of crystals in science and medicine is quickly being developed. Since they impact energy and can store information, you can “program” them to give a surge of electricity and energy to your intention – healing, manifestation, etc.

Step Two Choosing a Stone

Whether you are looking for a crystal, mineral, or gemstone, the variety can seem overwhelming. Tell me if you’ve ever found yourself in this position – you look for a stone to fit your intention (i.e ease anxiety) and then you do a quick search, find a name, pick it out, and it just doesn’t jive with you. That story is not unique.

With so many stones having similar properties, it is important to find one that vibes with you specifically. Remember that nothing you are drawn to is an accident. If you find yourself called to one – your energy more than likely aligns. Pick it up and hold it for a while, really feel into it. If it is sitting well, then that’s the stone you can work with.

A Quick Guide to Gemstones & Their Meanings:

Rose Quartz: Encourages a calming energy that promotes compassion
Jade: Balances with wisdom, justice, modesty, courage, and purity
Rhodonite: Promotes peace; stimulating love and emotion
Amethyst: Uplifts the spirit and banishes negativity
Red Jasper: Soothes and grounds the soul
Sodalite: Inspires clarity of mind and communication
Turquoise: Channels protection and connection
Onyx: Encourages focus and creation
Crystal Quartz: Promotes alignment of mind and body
Howlite: Helps facilitate connection and relieve stress
Blue Lace Agate: Promotes clarity and reveal truth

Step Three Clear it out

You’ve probably heard of “cleansing” your crystals. Depending on the stone, you can run it in a natural body of water. Just watch out for anything water soluble, ending in “ite” – they can get damaged or dissolved in water. You can leave them out in a moon bath, smoke-cleanse them with herbs and incense, or put them on a piece of selenite. Some stones that do a lot of cleansing and lifting, like fluorite, need to be cleansed daily. Others, like smokey quartz, rarely if ever need to be cleansed.

Because these energetic powerhouses work so much with other’s energies, it can be easy to pick up their vibe. Keep it simple – clear it out.

Step Four Charge It Up

Now that your crystal is cleared, it’s time to charge it on up and give it a job to do. This is an often times overlooked yet incredibly important step in using crystals. You have to program it so it holds an intention. Think of your stone and the properties it has, and then come up with what you want to attract. You can block out bad vibes, protect and ground yourself, open up your mind for some huge hits of intuition, or give yourself a hefty dose of healing.

Then, you can write out your intention on a sheet of paper and put the crystal on top of it. You can also make a beautiful crystal grid or mandala if you’re feeling creative! Or, if you’re wearing it, hold your stone in your left hand with your right hand on top and state your intention like it is already happening: “I am healing, I am protected, I am radiant.” You can also use it to add energy to your daily practices, rituals, or ceremonies.

Kozmic Ryder Recommendations to Get Started...

There are a few crystals I think are perfect staples for all magic, prayer, and healing. Just like spices in a pantry, there are ones you want on hand for most recipes. I recommend basing your first stones off of your chakras, energetic points in your body stemming from Buddhist and Hindu traditions, to cover all your bases.

Root Chakra:

Obsidian, smokey quartz, or Garnet. These stones are known to keep you safe, grounded, secure, and stable. They root you to the Earth like tree roots. On the days you feel spacey, too empathic, or like you’re carrying the weight of the world, turn to these stones.

Sacral Chakra:

This is the place where we’re able to experience joy, sexuality, exploration, and emotions. AKA the place where we love to be alive. Stones that help with these experiences are sunstone or carnelian.

Solar Plexus:

Needing to radiate confidence? Have a healthy relationship with your ego? Be seen and shine your unique light, being totally in tune with your personal power? Then turn to stones to nourish your solar plexus. I recommend tigers eye or citrine.


Who doesn’t want to give and receive love fully? All kinds of love – self, familial, friendly, and romantic. These stones are for the broken hearted, the one’s in love, and the one’s who love too much or not enough. I recommend rose quartz, rhodonite, and moss agate.


Speaking truth is hard. Communication, verbally or not, is also hard. So turn to these stones when you need to be heard and vocalize your beliefs, especially in front of other people or while writing. These stones also are known to help with creativity. I recommend sodalite, turquoise, or blue lace agate.

Third Eye:

Did you know we’re all born psychic? Really, we all have the gift to see, perceive, and receive messages from the divine. If you want to get in tune with these gifts, nourish your third eye with amethyst or fluorite.


On the days you feel disconnected, isolated, or stuck in the mundane, connect to something higher by nourishing your crown. Crystal quartz or howlite are known to work wonders.

These stones will give you the foundation to nourish all parts of you to help you own yourself, rock your energy, and take on the world with fortitude. Each stone is as powerful and unique as you are. Find what stone specifically jives with you and watch how your world can expand.

Which stones do you love to use? How do you love to use them? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below!

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