Why Journaling Might Be Your Key to Empowerment.

Why Journaling Might Be Your Key to Empowerment.

What are some of the first things you do when you wake up, or the last things you do before you fall asleep? It’s not uncommon for the answer to be something along the lines of, “Check my phone, think of everything I have to do today, sigh heavily” or “beat myself up for the way I fumbled my words in that meeting” or “wonder what my life would be like if *fill in the blank*...”

Morning and nighttime routines are something we can incorporate to our daily practice as a way to honor ourselves. The ritual of beginning and ending our days with love, gratitude, and self-compassion is a powerful habit to form.

Everyone’s routines will look different, depending upon their personal circumstances; whether that be being someone’s caretaker or working the third shift. However, there’s one thing that can drastically change your perspective on the day, unrelated to what time you do it - journaling.

Benefits of Journaling

Creates structure
Sets the tone for your day
Sets goals
Promotes self-validation
Grounds you to the present moment
Encourages you to slow down
Releases heavy emotions

If you’re not sure how to start but want to see what this can do for you, see below for a guided practice. Feel free to tweak yours to fit your own lifestyle and needs.

What you’ll need

  1. A way to record (diary, notepad, printer paper, phone, tablet, etc.) Having this thing be fun and personal to you can help motivate you to write. Maybe get some glitter gel pens and a fuzzy journal, or a little whiteboard, or draw it in a sketchbook with markers. Make it your own!
  2. Scheduled quiet time for yourself. Make it a devoted appointment. Would you skip a date with a friend, or ditch an important meeting? Treat yourself the same way. Your time is just as important.
  3. A comfy, quiet place to sit and do your practice, or headphones to cancel out noise.

What you might want

  1. A drink to sip on
  2. A blanket to keep you cozy
  3. One of our playlists
  4. Sage, candles, or incense to clear away the energy of the day
  5. Crystals with meanings that resonate with your needs. (click here to learn more.)
  6. Ambiance (biased, I'm a Scorpio Rising and I always want ambiance)
  7. A hug or something (literally whenever though. Also Libra Sun)

Morning Journaling Routine

  1. Date / Time
  2. Three things about the weather.
  3. Three things about your surroundings.
  4. Define three things you are feeling. (Physical or mental)
  5. Three things you are actually grateful for; things that make you feel those warm and fuzzies.
  6. Three things you love about yourself and why. (ex: I love my arms because they let me hold the people I love; I love my legs because they get me where I need to be; I love my sensitivity because it brings me closer to myself.)
  7. Three intentions for the day. (ex: be present; root my actions in love; trust the process)
  8. Signature and thank you to yourself.

Nighttime Routine

  1. Date / time
  2. Three things about the weather (different from earlier)
  3. Three things about your surroundings (different from earlier)
  4. Define three things you are feeling
  5. Three things you wish to let go and leave behind today.
  6. Three things you accomplished today. (literally anything- got out of bed, showered, wrote in your journal)
  7. Three more things you are grateful for.
  8. Three thank yous to yourself and your body.
  9. Three things you intend for in the near future
  10. Three things you intend for long term.
  11. Signature and thank you to yourself.

Use this as a jumping off point for your moment alone - write whatever comes to mind. It's okay if you feel silly. Let it go on the page, there’s no right or wrong method to this. If you feel comfortable, you can even try practicing this with a partner as a way to bring you both closer.

What does your new temporary normal look like in this current time? Are you going to give journaling a try? Let us know how it goes - share and tag us @alexandani.





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