The Color of Motherhood: A Guide to our Mother’s Day Color Palette

The Color of Motherhood: A Guide to our Mother’s Day Color Palette

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the radiance of motherhood, and diving into the color inspiration behind our 2017 Mother’s Day Collections. Join us in honoring the women you love with colors that speak to their spirit.


The color palette behind our Mother’s Day Collections represents the full spectrum. It reflects the vibrancy of motherhood itself – and there’s nothing muted or dull about it! From fiery reds to regal purples and lush greens to summer sky blues, there is truly something for everyone. The Color Code Collection features new, teardrop-shaped Swarovski crystals. Every birth month crystal says something about the wearer – more on that here. Mix, match, and pair the Color Code crystal of her birth month with those of her children to create a custom gift. Our Chain Station Collection receives some vibrant additions via Birth Month Pendants. Choose meaningful birth month charms, and continue her Chain Station story. We’re introducing standout Mother’s Day Sets in brilliant hues she’ll love, for gift giving made simple. Our CHARITY BY DESIGN Collection channels pink and blue vibes with pieces that give back to causes she cares about. Let the color do the talking! Choose pieces that channel the energies she brings to your life, or the ones you wish for her. Shop by color using the following aura color guide:

Red: Strength — Power — Passion Orange: Creativity — Confidence — Excitement Yellow: Enthusiasm — Intelligence — Respect Green: Balance — Comfort — Growth Blue: Calmness — Loyalty — Peace Purple: Inspiration — Imagination — Sensitivity White: Spirituality — Purity — Truth

Every mother-child relationship is unique, and none is more beautiful than another. Here’s to nurturing women everywhere! We honor your unmatched power to brighten the lives of your loved ones.