What Your Birth Month Crystal Says About You: A Guide

What Your Birth Month Crystal Says About You: A Guide

Birthstones - you may know what yours is, but do you know the meaning behind it? Like the Zodiacs, each one embodies specific energies and character traits, making them an extension of who we are. In honor of our newly redesigned Birth Month Charm Bangles, we created a guide complete with each one's meaning and what it says about you.


January A rich red color, the Red Magma Crystal symbolizes diligence and perseverance. You are known for your innovative ideas and dedication to all you do.

February A deep purple color, the Amethyst Crystal represents tact and intuition. You are revered for your emotional maturity and sensitivity toward all situations.

March A light blue color, the Aquamarine Crystal evokes tranquility and peace. Your family and friends admire your level-headedness and patience in stressful situations.

April A shimmering translucent color, the Clear Crystal embodies love and spirit. Your self-confidence and passion for life are admired by all you meet.

May A lush green color, the Emerald Crystal symbolizes success and good fortune. Your tenacity and wisdom inspire all you meet to follow their dreams.

June An airy purple color, the Light Amethyst represents strength and elevation. You go boldly into the unknown and encourage others to do the same.

July A bold red color, the Light Siam Crystal evokes influence and passion. Your lively personality makes people gravitate toward you, allowing you to easily adapt to new surroundings.

August A light green color, the Peridot Crystal embodies harmony and balance. Your ability to prioritize and see the big picture propels you forward.

September A deep blue color, the Sapphire Crystal symbolizes precision and wisdom. Your steadfastness in achieving your goals is a quality respected by all.

October A rich pink color, the Rose Crystal represents benevolence and love. Your unwavering compassion for others is something that does not go unnoticed.

November A warm orange color, the Topaz Crystal evokes loyalty and fidelity. Your devotion to all you do is held in the highest regard by your family and friends.

December A lively aqua color, the Blue Zircon Crystal embodies precision and truth. Your attention to detail and precise focus allow you to achieve great things. 

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