Godspeed Meaning: The History + Symbolism Behind the Phrase

Godspeed Meaning: The History + Symbolism Behind the Phrase

Godspeed means wishes for a successful and prosperous new venture. This expression of well wishes is derived from a time when religion reigned supreme. The original phrase was lengthier and made a direct reference to God; the shorthand version we use today has lost some of its archaic meaning. The phrase is commonly used in everyday conversation as a way to say good luck. The sentiment remains the same, sans the religious undertones.

Godspeed Meaning in Religion

The original expression was “God speed you on your way.” At the time, speed did not have the same meaning it does today. It had nothing to do with getting somewhere quickly. Rather, it meant for your journey to be fruitful, to be prosperous, and achieve the end goal. The phrase can be found in the Bible with a similar sentiment, meaning “be well” or “rejoice.” Over the years, the expression eventually gave way to the godspeed meaning as we understand it today.

Godspeed is sometimes also used as a way to say goodbye to our loved ones who have passed on. It’s sad to think they are no longer here with us among the living, but we wish them well as their souls discover whatever happens next.

Godspeed Symbolism

The meaning behind the expression lends itself to having a physical symbol associated with it. In real-life scenarios, like starting a new job or heading off to college, people take tokens of comfort and home with them to serve as a reminder of where they came from and where they are going. The godspeed symbol is a beautiful design, incorporating feathers, interlocking shapes, and a crescent. Feathers are a powerful symbol representing the connection between the wearer and a higher power. The crescent shape is about trusting your intuition. The interwoven design is representative of the godspeed meaning; it demonstrates connection, positivity, and the strength to continue on.

Godspeed Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is a form of self-expression. How you choose to accessorize tells the world a little about who you are. Your unique personality shines through in your personal sense of style. The godspeed symbol makes for a meaningful representation of the personal journey we’re all on. It can be worn as a charm on a bracelet, as a pendant, or as a necklace.

godspeed silver charm bracelet

No matter how you choose to style your godspeed symbol, the godspeed meaning will help guide your path. Look to it to provide clarity, reassurance, and, above all, the faith to push forward and accomplish all you set out to.

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