Feather Jewelry

An object representing light and air, the feather is the bearer of truth and justice in many traditions, religions, and cultures. For example, in ancient Egypt, they believed that a pure heart weighed as little as a feather and that the journey to the afterlife was dictated by whether Anubis found your heart light enough to be worthy. Many Native American tribes also had a deep connection to feathers, as they symbolized the thread that tied them to their creator. For many, feathers represent charity, hope and faith. If you want to find a way to remind yourself to keep your heart light and let truth be your guide, shop our feather jewelry today.

Our Collection

Whether you prefer to layer delicate pendants or you love stacking bracelets, we can help you find feather necklaces and bangles to create the perfect design. We even offer feather charms and earrings to complete your sets! Discover even more styles that speak to you, including themes like Growth + New Beginnings, as well as Balance + Harmony.

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