5 Globally-Inspired Affirmations to Renew You This Spring

5 Globally-Inspired Affirmations to Renew You This Spring

It’s amazing how much power the right combination of words can have. A positive affirmation reminds us that self-love is the best love and that when we possess it, we can achieve anything our heart desires. Even better, affirmations know no cultural boundaries – we humans are tied by our power to love, connect, and inspire. As we enter into spring, the season of renewal, use these globally-inspired affirmations to uplift, renew, and empower you on your path.


“I’m in constant bloom. I am refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn.” Give yourself a spiritual cleanse with this affirmation, inspired by the ancient Egyptian Lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth. This blue-hued bloom flourishes in muddy water, proving that beauty can emerge from unexpected places. Be encouraged to transcend uncertainty, inhale a breath of fresh air, and embrace new endeavors this season.

“With passion and joy, I am embracing all life’s miracles.” This affirmation borrows from the Arabic Hand of Fatima, an ancient talisman that symbolizes feminine power. In numerous cultures around the world, it’s considered to be a sign of protection, blocking negative energy and bringing happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. With the Hand of Fatima Expandable Necklace, you can keep this delicate yet powerful amulet close to your heart.

“Light as a feather, I am soaring at my own pace and savoring every moment.” These mindful words encourage you to tap into your celestial truth and wisdom – and give you the ability to move freely in life. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart was as light as a feather, so slip on a delicate Feather Pull Chain Bracelet, let go of any negativity, and prepare to fly to amazing new heights.

“My life is filled with never-ending happiness, sunshine and love.” As you repeat this one, imagine infinite good vibes surrounding you. This affirmation is inspired by the kinetic positive energy of the ankh. Meaning “breath of life,” the ankh represents the unity of masculine and feminine. It’s crafted loop and extended arms symbolize eternal life. Adorn yourself with lasting vitality by slipping on the Ankh Magnetic Bracelet.

“My heart is pure and my soul is protected.” This quote pays homage to the Native American ritual of sage cleansing. Praised for its protective qualities, sage is often burned as a way to cleanse the heart and home. You can skip the flame and get straight to the cleansing with the gorgeous beaded Sage Wrap. Its kaleidoscope of hues provide protection, and the beautiful glass beads reflect just enough flare to keep you brightly lit throughout your journey. Written by Brittany Dandy

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