Your Questions, Answered: What Is ALEX AND ANI Jewelry Made Of?

Your Questions, Answered: What Is ALEX AND ANI Jewelry Made Of?

Each piece is 100 percent unique and full of positive energy, but there’s more to know about what goes into ALEX AND ANI jewelry.


The beautiful metal finishes on ALEX AND ANI jewelry, including our classic charm bangles, are part of what makes each piece a style statement. We care about what's in our jewelry as much as we care about what's NOT in our jewelry. We use recycled materials when crafting our products. Our metals are carefully crafted with safe materials and eco-friendly fabrications, passing our high level of testing.

Here are some other facts you probably didn’t know about the copper and silver that make up your favorite ALEX AND ANI jewelry:

Copper: In Style for Eons

We’ll admit, we weren’t the first to recognize copper as a go-to material for jewelry.

Considered mankind’s oldest metal, it’s been used for this purpose throughout history - a copper pendant found in Northern Iraq dates all the way back to 8700 B.C. Copper is 100 percent recyclable.

In fact, the majority of copper used in various ways today was actually mined thousands of years ago. Malleable yet strong, copper also has incredible conductive properties.

The body can actually absorb small amounts of copper through the skin, which is believed to stimulate the immune system among other things.

It’s the perfect element to amplify positive energy, which is why copper is the main metal we use in pieces such as the Cosmic Balance Charm Bangle, Initial Charm Bangles, and some Path of Life® pieces.

Each ALEX AND ANI piece is then finished in either Rafaelian Gold® or Rafaelian Silver®, and coated with an anti-tarnish to protect it.

Silver: Always Precious, Alone or Plated

For our precious jewelry, we use ethically sourced, top quality silver that’s as pure as can be: 92.5 percent (also known as "sterling silver").

The remaining metal in these pieces? Copper, of course – it adds strength and stability to the soft silver.

Each piece in our Precious Metals Collection starts with the silver base. Some are then plated with 14kt gold or 14kt rose gold.

All of the precious metals offer more than just a pretty way to accessorize: The ancients believed gold increased our capacity to solve problems and enlighten the mind, and modern science has discovered that silver has antimicrobial properties.

Now you know why, when you rock your jewelry, you literally feel good about it.

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