How To Style:The Rising Trend of Turquoise-Colored Jewelry for Fall

How To Style:The Rising Trend of Turquoise-Colored Jewelry for Fall

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and jewelry, trends ebb and flow, but occasionally, a once beloved style makes a remarkable return. This season, we find ourselves immersed in the revival of all things Bohemian... #BohemianRevival #Boho3.0 #BohoChic.

At the heart of this boho resurgence, lies the timeless appeal of turquoise jewelry. With its rich history and cultural significance, turquoise jewelry takes center stage this Fall, adding a new element of interest to a timeless style.

Turquoise jewelry, valued for its cultural significance, timeless beauty, and versatility, has been adored and handed down among women for generations. Its vibrant blue-green color holds spiritual meaning in various cultures, connecting wearers to the tranquility of nature. Thought to bring luck, healing, and positivity, turquoise represents empowerment and femininity. This jewelry unites us across history, conveying profound messages without the need for words.

With the revival of bohemian style deeply rooted in our brand's heritage, our creativity sparked, leading to a brand-new collection of turquoise pieces. Our newest turquoise styles find the perfect balance between tradition and trend, blending top-quality craftsmanship with a renewed contemporary design.

Turquoise jewelry is a total win-win for maximalists and minimalists. Those vibrant blue-green shades and intricate designs make maximalists' hearts sing, giving their outfits that extra pop. But guess what? Minimalists dig the calm, natural feel of turquoise too. It allows them to maintain their laid-back style while adding their individual touch. Turquoise is like that one friend who's cool with everyone – it adapts and shines no matter your fashion vibe.


Ready to turn heads and make a statement? Go big and bold with your accessories this fall, embracing the vibrant beauty of turquoise-colored stones in a big way.



Let's dive into the world of statement styling and learn how to master the art of curating your own eye-catching, on trend look:

Layer, Layer, Layer: Maximalism thrives on layering. Don't hesitate to pile on multiple turquoise necklaces, bracelets, chains and cuffs. Mix and match various sizes and styles for a visually striking effect. Don't hold back on piling on bangles and cuffs on both wrists, mixing and matching metals and textures for maximum impact. 

Print Play: Opt for clothing with bold patterns and prints. Turquoise jewelry can stand out beautifully against intricate designs, adding an extra layer of opulence to your outfit.

Statement Earrings: Choose oversized turquoise earring, like these crystal + turquoise hoops to make a focal point. Let them shine by wearing your hair up or swept to the side, allowing your jewelry to steal the spotlight.

Statement Turquoise Necklace: Start with a chunky, intricate turquoise necklace as the centerpiece. Our new vintage turquoise statement necklace is crafted from a thick antiqued silver-tone chain with turquoise-colored stones throughout. This piece includes a removable turquoise-colored oversized stone pendant, giving you a max amount of styling options. 


Above: Vintage Turquoise Statement Necklace with Removable Pendant


Contrasting Neutrals: Balance the maximalist look by incorporating neutral-colored clothing. Turquoise jewelry against a black or white background can create a stunning contrast that commands attention.

Confidence is Key: The most crucial aspect of styling turquoise jewelry for a maximalist statement is owning the look with confidence. Embrace the extravagance and wear it proudly. 




Don't let turquoise intimidate you; as a minimalist, you can confidently embrace its charm and effortlessly integrate it into your everyday style. The secret lies in striking the right balance between simplicity and vibrancy. Here's are few pointers to help guide you: 

Less is More: Stick to a few key pieces to maintain the minimalist vibe. Opt for a single turquoise necklace, a hammered cuff with or antiqued, feather drop earrings as the focal point.

Monochromatic Palette: Choose a neutral outfit in shades like white, black, gray, or beige. This allows the turquoise jewelry to pop without overwhelming the overall look.

Layer Sparingly: If you want to layer, keep it simple. A thin turquoise flex cuff or turquoise lariat necklace can add a touch of color without overcrowding the style.



Clean Lines: Select pieces with clean and sleek designs. Avoid overly ornate or intricate pieces to maintain the minimalist vibe. Our trending bolo styles and flex cuffs are perfect for this. 


Mix with Metals: Incorporate silver or gold elements to complement the turquoise. Opt for one metal tone to keep the look cohesive.

Simple Makeup: Keep your makeup understated. Neutral tones and a natural finish will ensure your turquoise jewelry remains the focal point.

Casual or Formal: Minimalist turquoise jewelry can be versatile. Wear it with casual attire like a white T-shirt and jeans, or dress it up with a little black dress.

Hair Styling: Opt for sleek and simple hairdos like a low bun or a classic ponytail to draw attention to your jewelry.

Confidence: The key to rocking a minimalist turquoise look is confidence. Let the jewelry enhance your style while still reflecting your unique personality.