healing + renewal spring seasonal box

Renew Yourself with our Limited-Edition Spring Box

Our new spring box delivers good energy and the refresh you need for a new season.
Spring is almost here, and that means two things: that you’re probably ready for a big refresh to let the sweet spring air into your house, and that you’re simultaneously feeling pretty blah about the end of winter and ready for the sunshine to arrive. That’s where our brand new, limited-edition spring box comes in. You’ve already got what you need to spring clean your house — but do you have what you need to spring clean your life?
The great thing about an Alex and Ani stack is that you can change it every day, choosing symbols that reflect what you need right now: the kind of energy you want to channel, the moments you keep close to your heart, the mantras that will carry you through the day.
This box is curated to help you hit refresh for the new season. Inside, you’ll find symbols designed to channel the same energy of renewal and rebirth that’s emanating from the earth right now.
spring box for healing and renewal

Symbols inside the box:

A butterfly to represent the power of change, and the beauty in transformation.

A flower that reminds you that to bloom in all your vibrant colors, you need to grow.

An ankh to keep you connected to the bigger picture, which represents the key to life.
But resetting your energy isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about the environment that you create around you.bracelets with meaningful symbols and crystalsAlso included in the box:

A gemstone wrap bracelet featuring Green Aventurine (to promote inner harmony), Blue Lace Agate (for calm and clarity), Amethyst (for intention and intuition), Rose Quartz (for love of yourself and others) and Red Jasper (for grounding and endurance).

Palo santo, a sacred herb, believed to dispel negative energy and protect you from the forces that try to bring you down.

A genuine Amethyst crystal to amplify your intuition and help you stay on your path.palo santo and amethyst crystalA brand new necklace connector to keep your layers separate and your neck a well-organized place.

There are only 250 of this limited-edition spring release, and every piece is exclusive to this box. None of the styles you’ll find inside is available anywhere else. And because we want your jewelry to be gorgeous forever, we’re including protective jewelry bags, too.items included in spring seasonal boxThis spring box is the first of many gorgeous seasonal box collections to come. Collect this one, have an amazing season, and get ready for what’s coming next.

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