Your How-To Guide for Practicing Self-Care Daily

Your How-To Guide for Practicing Self-Care Daily


A few months down of social distancing certainly feels like a lifetime. We are all trying to navigate this unfamiliar territory and define what our "new norm" is. Our previous daily routines have been disrupted and while being in the comforts of own homes should make us feel at ease, for many it is having the adverse effect.

It's perfectly normal to be experiencing a range of stress and anxiety as we learn to adjust to being confined at home. Navigating through managing a work/life balance, virtual schooling and connecting with loved ones from a distance can feel overwhelming. How we choose to channel these emotions to create better habits for ourselves will ultimately support our best selves.


During this time of uncertainty it's incredibly important to strive to put your best foot forward, focus on your own self-development and try to see the silver lining in these unknown situations. We all have the opportunity to reset and take inventory of what really matters in life. Our mental, physical and spiritual health is most important because without this, we can't share the positive gifts we have with the world.

Here are some tips + tricks that our team practices daily that we hope will help guide you in your journey to practicing self-love.

1.) When you wake up in the morning, DO NOT look at phone right away. Get out of bed, repeat a mantra or an affirmation (for i.e. I am grateful for this day, I am grateful to be alive, I am grateful for my family, I am grateful to have a supportive network of colleagues.)

2.) Have your morning coffee/tea/breakfast unplugged, not looking at your phone. Good food boosts our mental and physical wellbeing.

3.) Make time for daily meditation. Sit quietly, breathe, have contemplation time, drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Our dear friend of the brand @healingwithlulu currently offers free daily meditations.

4.) Make time for daily movement for yourself. Take an online yoga class, go for a walk (even if I your backyard), do some Fitness Marshall workouts (our team swears by this!)

5.) Take long showers and/or baths. A simple shower in itself is an act of self-love because it impacts your mood. Use this time to relax, unwind and give your brain a break. If you find your mind racing in the shower making endless to-do lists, stop your brain in its tracks. You can make your to-do list after.

6.) Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, using your less-dominant hand to challenge your brain.

7.) Get dressed in comfy clothes OR if you are feeling motivated, dress up for yourself! Style your WFH (even if its in your pajamas) look with our Vintage Sixty-Six collection.

8.) Turn the tables on negative thoughts. Check in with yourself throughout the day. Acknowledge your feelings, don't discount them. For example, instead of stressing yourself out with worry and doubt, ask yourself, "What can I do to take positively impact this anxiety for myself?" Wear one of our mantra bangles as a physical cue to help shut out those negative thoughts.

9.) If working from home, have a dedicated space that is your work zone. Try and create a calming and peaceful retreat that you look forward to going to each day. Create boundaries for yourself to create a healthy work/life balance.

10.) Plan out your day. Prioritize what is most important and try not get overwhelmed. Create some time in your schedule for lunch/move/get out of the spot you work in for a few minutes.

11.) Drink lots of water! Add some organic frozen fruit to make it fancy and drink it out of a fancy glass, because why not? You're at home!

11.) Pay attention to how much time you are spending watching mindless television. Try and watch some uplifting shows that inspire you.

12.) Make time for your body. Do a face mask, give yourself a manicure, lay a lavender pillow over your eyes.

13.) LAUGH! Try and find humor during times of solace. Laughter is free medicine for your soul.

Remember, there isn't "a one size fits all" approach to self-love, ultimately you have to do what works for YOU.

Need some extra physical reminders to wear to help guide you? Visit our Symbol Wall for meaning signs to help keep you on your path, reveal your soul number with our Personal Blueprint Quiz or check our our new, stretch Chakra Bracelet Collection to help keep you aligned.

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