Native American Symbols: A Spiritual History

Native American Symbols: A Spiritual History

Wide-open plains, bison grazing among wildflowers…the tableaux of the long-ago American landscape showcases the limitless horizon and natural wonder. This rich, rugged land also gave birth to a powerful language of spiritual Native American symbols for many tribes, and those symbols are still revered today. Read on to learn about the meanings behind some of our jewelry symbols.

Light as a Feather

Early Native Americans said that when a feather falls to the earth, it transfers the energy from the bird to a human being. It’s perceived as an unexpected gift — one that arrives unforeseen, but not without purpose. For example, Native American spiritual symbols with feathers may represent plumage from a raven (called the “Bringer of the Light”), which is thought to impart knowledge. To channel this symbol of enlightenment, check out our Feather Charm Bangle or Godspeed Charm Bangle.

A Guardian Arrow

Indigenous people wore hand-carved arrowheads as a talisman around the neck for protection from illness and the Evil Eye. Not only would the symbol protect them from their enemies, it could also absorb their opponents’ power.

The Strength of the Bison

The American bison provided many Native American communities with food, clothing, and even shelter. Because of this, bison skull Native American spiritual symbols are regarded as a symbol of strength and supernatural powers — a uniting force between things earthly and spiritual. Channel the inner strength of this iconic creature with our Spirited Skull Necklace.

Horns of Plenty

Bighorn sheep also played a major role in Native American life. Because their curved horns continue growing throughout the animal’s life, this totem is believed to stimulate mental activity and creativity over time. Tap into heightened vitality and imagination with the Horn Charm Bangle. Check out other pieces of spiritual armor, and select Native American symbols that speak to you from our Fall collection.

The Power of Sunflower

Sunflower Native American spiritual symbols are often associated with courage — hunters were known to sprinkle sunflower powder on themselves to keep spirits high, and warriors would bring sunflower cakes to battle. Sunflowers have been called the “Fourth Sister” alongside the Three Sisters: corn, squash, and beans. Sunflowers were planted in corn fields to protect the crops from hungry birds. They were also used to create dyes, oils, and various snacks and meals. The meaning of the sunflower symbol spans many other cultures as well, often symbolizing renewal, rebirth, growth, and new beginnings. Find your inner courage with our sunflower jewelry.

The Bringer of Life

The meaning behind many Native American spiritual symbols varies from tribe to tribe, and some of them are revered by many cultures all over the world. The sun is one of those symbols. In Native American cultures, the sun was especially important because of their reliance on crops. For that reason, the sun symbol is often associated with abundance and survival. The sun’s rays also represent the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. Sun jewelry offers a strong sense of power and positivity.

Rebirth & Transformation

Butterfly symbols represent change, metamorphosis, and fresh starts, as well as balance, grace, and beauty. Like other Native American spiritual symbols, the butterfly can mean different things to different people. For example, some people wear butterfly jewelry to represent the incredible feats that are possible when we push ourselves to new heights. Others wear their butterfly symbol for strength when they're going through changes in life.

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