An Easy Guide to Spiritually Cleansing Yourself

An Easy Guide to Spiritually Cleansing Yourself

There are times in life when you can feel bogged down and heavy – emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Just as if you were covered in dirt, you'd take a shower, so when you're covered in bad vibes from negative situations, or the state of the world, whatever – you need a deep cleaning then as well. Remember, if you want to make a difference in this world, you have to do it with fortitude. Strengthen yourself to make a change – turn to these methods to get back home to yourself and feel lighter, brighter, and more present.


Take A Cleansing Bath One of the most relaxing ways to cleanse spiritually, is as simple as adding sea salt to your bath. Sea salt is known to spiritually cleanse crystals, homes, and even you! It balances your energy body while also proving you with energetic boundaries between you and others. Apply a nourishing oil to your body afterword for silky skin as an added benefit.

Concoct A Balancing Synergy Create a blend of essential oils in a spray bottle to use when things begin to get heavy. Oils like frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, and lemon verbena could help to cleanse you and your space of negative energies. When you mix it, visualize clearing violet colored light filling the bottle. Make your intention to cleanse your space and yourself while mixing.

Use Protecting Symbols For thousands of years, people have turned towards symbols to protect and cleanse their space. Symbols like the Evil Eye, the Hand of Fatima, and the Cross, have all been used to protect and clear energy that is unwanted. Adorn yourself or your space with these sacred symbols for added clearing and an overall lighter energy.

Create An Herbal Bundle Many people know burning white sage helps cleanse a home. However, white sage is actually becoming endangered and should only be used in closed practice with the Native American tribes who use it. Good news – there are many other options to cleanse and clear your space that you can harvest yourself! Rosemary, rose, cedar wood, and thyme are just a few that grow in abundance. Combine these herbs in a bundle and light one end to let the smoke cleanse yourself and space.

Call on Crystal and Gemstone Energy Crystal and gemstone energy is powerful, sacred, and beautiful. Wear obsidian to protect yourself against negative energies. Having smokey quartz in your space will transmute any negative energy into positive. Amethyst will also help to clear out any negative energy in your way.

Write It Out and Act Write out the relationships, situations, and thoughts that do not serve you and burn the list. Breathe out all the bad stuff and visualize it all fading away. Now, focus on what brings you strength, love, and hope. You can cleanse yourself as much as you’d like, but if you are not proactive in bettering your situation, it will only go so far. Self-care can be scary sometimes, it can be ended a relationship or a job, it can be stepping into the unknown. However, it will always serve you and put you deeper on your soul’s path.

Take a deep breath when you need to feel clear and follow these steps. You are powerful – you can eliminate any energy or situation that you don’t want around. The first step to becoming empowered and being able to live your purpose is to be clear and free. Live it. Happy cleansing!

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