ALEX AND ANI 101: 13 Things to Know About Us

ALEX AND ANI 101: 13 Things to Know About Us

13 has a bad rep, but we consider it lucky. In Numerology, the meaning of the number 13 is tied to that of its individual digits. One symbolizes achievement and three represents innovation. Together, they're a dynamic force, infusing 13's tricky connotation with good fortune and prosperity. As we continue to grow up, this feels especially apropos (we celebrated our 13th birthday last year). In celebration, we came up with 13 memories, facts, and more that you may have never known about us.


1. Say Our Name
We're always asked where ALEX AND ANI gets its name as well as its correct pronunciation. The name is especially personal as it's the names of Founder Carolyn Rafaelian's, first two daughters. “Alex” is pronounced as it normally is. However, a common question is how to pronounce “Ani” – it's “AH-KNEE.”

2. Where it All Began
The ALEX AND ANI legacy did not begin with the birth of the signature expandable wire bangle, but actually with rings. In 2004, Carolyn officially launched the brand with five crystal-adorned cocktail rings. Thirteen years and thousands of pieces of jewelry later, those rings are tucked away in the ALEX AND ANI archives.

3. Beyond the Bangles We may be known for our Charm Bangles, but our other jewelry offerings have quickly become fan favorites. From Charm Station (which allows the wearer to build their soul story via a charm necklace or charm bracelet) and our spoon rings and ring wraps to our stud, hoop, and drop earrings, the options are endless for infusing your look with style and positive energy. ALEX AND ANI Newport sits in Newport harbor among several charming shops and restaurants.

4. What's in Store
In 2009, Carolyn opened the doors to the very first ALEX AND ANI retail store in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. Fast forward eight short years and we recently hosted our 100th grand opening celebration at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Check out our store locator to find one near you!

5. A Philosophy of Philanthropy When Carolyn founded ALEX AND ANI, she knew the heart and soul of the company had to be based in philanthropy. In 2011, our CHARITY BY DESIGN Collection launched with a mission of giving back to non-profits. To date, total donations have surpassed $51 million.

6. Give Back, Feel Good
At ALEX AND ANI, giving back is a core company principle, and in 2015 we launched Give Back Time Off (GBTO) to make philanthropy accessible and empowering. Through our community outreach group, Team (+) Impact, employees can volunteer with charitable organizations during work hours (up to eight hours per quarter for full-time employees and up to four hours per quarter for part-time employees). We've also gone on mission trips with charity partners to help make a difference, such as drilling wells with Living Water International. To date, ALEX AND ANI employees have volunteered more than 8,000

7. Deep Roots in the Smallest State
Carolyn is committed to keeping ALEX AND ANI in her home state of Rhode Island. From Cinerama (her late father's factory that assembles our jewelry) and our distribution center, to our local vendors and partners who have become family, her love for Lil' Rhody runs deep.

8. It's Personal
We believe in creating quality products with a human touch, which is why ALEX AND ANI jewelry is hand crafted from recycled materials in Rhode Island. We are committed to investing in local talent and resources to support our state and share our story with the world. Want to get even more exclusive tidbits? Check back regularly right here on The Wire, the official ALEX AND ANI blog, for daily content.

9. Hidden in Plain Sight
Our collections contain hidden elements, such as Symbols and Tokens, which further strengthen their energies. For example, Godspeed is an expression of divine grace. A circle and square, representing masculinity, femininity, and oneness, surround a pair of feathers, embodying spiritual communication, in an act of sacred geometry. Above the feathers is the crescent moon, an icon of eternal grace, combining for a blessing of good fortune. Intrigued? Learn about other secret symbols in ALEX AND ANI jewelry here.

10. We're About Wellness
Well-being is a core facet of our company culture and extends into everything we do. From our employee cafe serving delicious local food to weekly on-site yoga sessions, ALEX AND ANI is a place to not only showcase your talents, but live your best life.

11. Symbolism for Days
Carolyn is all about meaning, which is why ALEX AND ANI World Headquarters is full of hidden symbolism. From Atlantean doorknobs (to deflect negative energy) and suspended ALEX AND ANI symbols, to a bangle chandelier and panther statues (they face entryways to protect everyone inside), there's so much to see and learn about.

12. Get the Glow
As we continue to grow, so do our interests. Our candle collection infuses your home with soothing scents inspired by some of our most popular symbols. Choose from the Path of Life®, Phoenix, Ouroboros, Scarab, or Nautical Anchor.

13. Lady Liberty Approved
In 2016, we launched the highly anticipated LIBERTY COPPER Collection in partnership with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. Crafted with original copper preserved from the Statue of Liberty's centennial restoration, this unique collection allows you to own (and wear) a piece of history. What exactly does that mean? Basically, she turned 100 in 1986 and her inner bar structure, made of copper, was replaced. We then acquired that copper and used it in the collection.