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Hats Off: Our Favorite Jewelry Graduation Gifts

Keepsake Graduation Gifts

The time has come! One of your children, a sibling, or a family friend is finally graduating. Whether it’s high school, university, a specialization program, or any other type of certification, you should be celebrating their achievement.

At ALEX AND ANI, we know all about the perfect gifts for graduation. With our curated selection of jewelry graduation gifts, you can find a stunning design that speaks to your recipient’s aesthetic and reminds them of their success every time they see it. Explore our favorite jewelry pieces for graduation here to find the one for your grad!

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1. Growth + New Beginnings

One of the things inherent in graduation is an ending that’s also a new beginning. Graduations signify growth, change, and an evolution to the next step of your journey. If you’re looking for jewelry graduation gifts to symbolize all of these things, consider browsing pieces containing common representations of similar ideas.

While we love the wings, sunflowers, and mandalas as symbols of a new beginning, our favorite imagery to wear is the butterfly. With a flap of its wings, this bejeweled creature soars to new heights and destinations – just like your graduate!

2. Occupation Jewelry

After graduation, your loved one might know precisely where their path leads. They’ve already interviewed for internships and jobs – ready to start their career the moment they throw that graduation cap up in the air! Well, we’ve got the perfect collection for these grads, too! When you shop for occupation jewelry graduation gifts, you’ll find necklaces, charms, and bangles that signify the next step in their lives. Whether they’re becoming a teacher, heading into healthcare, or entering the military, we have the keepsake graduation gifts for them!

global charm bangle bracelet in gold finish

3. Inspirational Jewelry

Some graduates may not be done with their education – they’re heading directly into an undergrad, master’s, or doctorate program. For these grads, we love to give inspirational jewelry as graduation gifts. Higher education is a marathon – not a sprint – and they may find themselves occasionally feeling down or overwhelmed. In these moments, all they need to do is glance down at the bangle on their wrist or the necklace around their neck to see a mantra, phrase, or quote that will lift them up and make them feel healed and renewed! 

motivational bracelet gift idea for graduation

4. Path of Life®

Our Path of Life jewelry is a very special category because it speaks to anyone who is present on their life’s journey – so pretty much all of us! Whenever you need to commemorate any special occasion, especially graduations, our symbol for the path that life takes is a reminder that not everything is linear and expected. Prepare your grad for the future ahead with a sign that signifies a life that’s full of surprises, twists, and turns!

path of life symbol delicate silver bracelet
Ready to start shopping for our jewelry graduation gifts? Let us know which keepsake graduation gifts are your favorites today!

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