3 Powerful Gemstones
to Support You This Season

With any change, it helps to have support. These three powerful gemstones for love, luck, and peace will help guide you on your journey as the season changes and we welcome the comfort of fall. Genuine gemstones are a work of art. They’re nature’s masterpieces. Gemstones are charged with power from deep within the Earth. Each stone holds unique properties that can amplify powers within you or help you find strengths you didn’t know you had.  

    Be careful when choosing gemstones — it’s easy to fall for less expensive imitations. Imitation gemstones look similar to genuine ones, but that’s where the similarities end. Synthetic stones don’t have the same properties, they weren’t grown in the earth, and they don’t have the minerals within that inspire the stones’ properties.   

  The best way to experience the power of gemstones is to wear them regularly, creating a deep connection. Gemstones are known to help the wearer connect with their innermost consciousness, the higher mind. Build your look to incorporate gemstones daily. The benefits that gemstones bring to your being don’t fade over time. In fact, the more you wear them, the stronger your bond will become. Wearing a gemstone necklace close to your heart will help cleanse the negative energy that can build up and cloud your thoughts. By adding gemstone bracelets to your stylish stack, you're layering on a guiding light that can carry you throughout your day.

Gemstone for Love and Relationships: White Jade

Purify your heart energy with the powerful properties of white jade gemstones. This beautiful stone promotes internal peace and healing while recharging the energy surrounding your heart. The lustrous white hues of this genuine gemstone inspire kindness in relationships and friendships alike. A promoter of harmony and balance, jade helps to protect your loving heart and to keep its intentions pure.

As a true classic, you can never go wrong with white and gold. These light and airy gemstones also wear well with butter yellow, tranquil blue hues, and dusted pastels. Stack it to feel the love that you create and the love that others have for you.  

Gemstone for Luck: Tiger's Eye

With the warmth of the sun and the grounded spirit of the Earth, tiger’s eye is thought to create balance within you. It's a stone of personal power, believed to aid internal conflict, criticism, self-worth, and luck. Sink into harmonious balance and step into your power. Genuine tiger’s eye gemstones amplify your connection to the solar plexus chakra. This combination gives you clarity of judgment and enhances your self-confidence and luck.

Layer your look with these amber shades to find yourself surrounded by blissful balance inside and out. With golden undertones, Tiger's Eye wears well with mixed metals, earth tones, white and your favorite denim. Stack it to feel the power of luck that you hold inside. 

Gemstone for Peace: Sodalite

A stone of objectivity, sodalite allows one to recognize and verbalize true feelings. It enhances self-trust and helps eliminate confusion. As an enhancer of logical thinking, sodalite can provide direction of purpose with a lightness of heart. To look at the dazzling shades of blue in sodalite is to gaze into a window of the heavens. Here, there is no confusion or chaos, only peace and the comfort of knowing all is well within your soul. Designed to be worn at the front, this sodalite necklace features a crystal-embellished carabiner clasp that symbolizes your heightened sense of adventure. Stack on an accent bracelet or style a whole stack of sodalite! This genuine gemstone is full of character and no two beads will look the same.  

With the natural blue hues of the sky and sea, sodalite wears well with navy, silver, and white. Pair it with your neutral earth tones as well to add a little bit of cool to the warmth of the earth. This versatile color can elevate your crisp, casual white tee or complement an elegant dress layered over the neckline. Stack it to feel peace and self-assurance.  

Caring for Your Gemstones

    Your gemstones take care of you and bring you a sense of well-being. Make sure that you, in turn, take care of them as well. Give your stones and crystals a chance to recharge their energies with some time in the sun. While you’re at it, make sure that you’re getting enough sunlight too! If you find that the hardware on your beautiful gemstone jewelry is looking a little dull, clean it with an Alex and Ani polishing cloth or protect it with our other jewelry accessories.