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The History and Meaning of the Cuff

If you thought spoon rings had a storied past, you won't believe how far back cuff bracelets go! Hint: Nefertiti and Cleopatra.

Understanding the cuff bracelet's meaning and significance throughout time empowers you to create your own meaning inspired by the past, as well as your personal present and the future that awaits. After all, jewelry can be so much more than just a fashion accessory. Since the ancient days, jewelry has remained an enduring symbol of deep meaning, from spirituality and mysticism to strength and protection and so much more. Read on to discover the history of cuffs!

The Beginning

The cuff bangle bracelet has had quite an existence over the centuries, with its design being heavily influenced by ancient Greek, Roman, Mayan, African, Middle Eastern, and Asian civilizations, as well as many other cultures worldwide. While cuffs have come in many different shapes and sizes over the course of history, the general facet is their ability to slip over the wrist with ease.

Some cultures, notably the ancient Egyptians, were known for bedazzling their beloved cuffs with jewels and gemstones; this would signify wealth and royalty. More practically, cuffs were worn by soldiers in battle as protective armor, as well as a decorative accessory. The look of the practical and stylish cuff bangle bracelet eventually spawned its way into the hearts of fashion mongers everywhere in later centuries.

Pop Culture

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Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Coco Chanel — these are just a few of the iconic women (and characters) who've been spotted wearing the iconic cuff bracelet.

Chanel first came out with the famous Maltese Cross cuffs that she often wore in photographs. Former first lady Jackie O. wore cuff bracelets to a tennis game, causing the brand's sales to skyrocket. Wonder Woman's "Bracelets of Submission'' are not only renowned, they're metaphoric: representing that she’s bound by love.

The Present

Cuff bracelet meaning can vary widely from person to person. That’s why we offer a wide range of unique cuff bangle bracelet designs that allow for endless self-expression. Our affordable jewelry is crafted using only clean metals and recycled materials so you can feel good about owning eco-friendly jewelry.

Our new line of cuff bracelets features sleek styles in bright colors and funky patterns. Wearing well with virtually any other type of jewelry, our cuff bracelets speak to the same feminine power Wonder Woman upheld — love, honor, and strength. Also available in sterling silver is our selection of Liberty Copper Cuffs, representative of another fearless female: Lady Liberty. Whichever cuff is up your alley, there are centuries of fashion cred to support you!

Styling Tips

gold cuff bracelet stack

The cuff bangle bracelet is so versatile, so you really can’t go wrong no matter what type of outfit you decide to pair them with. They work great with boho-chic attire — think lots of flowing layers, retro patterns, and earth tones with colorful accents. Cuffs also work with casual outfits like your favorite skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. Our sleek metal cuffs also pair beautifully with a cocktail dress, adding just the right amount of sparkle and shine to the look.

Find Deeper Meaning in Your Jewelry

There are endless ways to incorporate cuff bracelet meaning into your life. For some, the iconic cuff bangle bracelet is simply a fashionable accessory, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Others select symbolic precious metals or mix precious metals, You can also choose colors that align with chakras or colors that embody certain energies. No matter what your goal may be, cuffs radiate beauty and positive energy! Explore our blog for more information about the meaning behind jewelry.

Start Stacking

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Which cuff will you choose? We highly recommend buying a variety so you can switch them out according to any occasion and mood, or stack them when you really want your look to pop! The cuff bracelet will always be in style, and every jewelry collection needs a few. They make wonderful gifts too!

After adding your favorite cuff bangle bracelet designs to your cart, be sure to browse our other bracelets so you can create a vibrant stack that matches your personality to a T! Shop our collections of accent bracelets, charm bangles, and beaded bangles for inspiration.

Affordable and eco-friendly, our jewelry is made using only clean metals and recycled materials. We have so many unique designs available, and we can even create custom jewelry just for you! Shop around to find the perfect piece that tells your story.

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