Silver and Gold Glam: 3 Ways to Meaningfully Mix Your Metals

Silver and Gold Glam: 3 Ways to Meaningfully Mix Your Metals

Mixing gold and silver jewelry is a strong style statement that allows you to customize every aspect of your look. Choosing the right meaningful symbols to express yourself is one key aspect of expertly stacking your bangles, necklaces, and rings. Layering shades of meaning by create a mix of metals and tones is another way to take your stack to the next level.


1. Channel Celestial Energy
Did you know gold and silver are said to be connected on a cosmic level? Gold is linked to the sun and inspires prosperity, growth, and warmth. Silver is grouped with the moon and promotes protection, peace, and cooling vibes. Based on what you’re searching for, mix and match preferred finishes for an expressive and stylish look. For inspiration, start with the Moon and Star Layered Chain Necklace before adding a mix of other metals to create depth. Want celestial inspiration elsewhere? Layer the Moon and Star Precious Cuff in gold with an otherwise silver stack for an infusion of celestial energy. And to create a truly unique look, offset your stack with a ring wrap in a surprising accent metal like rose gold.

2. Make a Symbolic Statement
Symbols have been a form of storytelling for thousands of years, so why not share yours in a special way? Our PATH OF SYMBOLS Collection features 14kt gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver pull chain bracelets and necklaces, necklace charms, expandable rings, and post earrings in many of our most popular symbols. From the classic PATH OF LIFE and Evil Eye to the Hand of Fatima (Hamsa) and Pyramid, the options are endless for creating a set of mixed metals that speaks to you in every way.

3. Get Charmed by Copper
Once you’ve decided on your metal mantra, add a powerful pop of color with copper. Rose hued metals are linked to love and connection, and our LIBERTY COPPER Collection–featuring original copper preserved from the Statue of Liberty–embodies these sentiments in every way. Prefer something minimalistic? Several pieces in our Cord Braided Bracelets collection are available in precious metals, including 14kt rose gold plated sterling silver. Mix a few of these into your stack, such as Lotus Peace Petals Precious Threads Bracelet and World Peace Kindred Cord, for a powerful expression of unity.

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