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Silver and Gold Glam: 5 Ways To Meaningfully Mix Your Jewelry Metals

Mixing jewelry metals is a strong style statement that allows you to customize every aspect of your look. Choosing the right meaningful symbols to express yourself is one key aspect of expertly stacking your bangles, necklaces, and rings. Layering shades of meaning by mixing silver and gold jewelry (and copper too) is another way to take your stack to the next level.

Precious metals have an incredibly long and storied history throughout countless cultures over thousands and thousands of years. While these metals are known as symbols of beauty and prestige, their meaning often goes much deeper into spirituality and mysticism.

Take the time to learn about why mixing jewelry metals is a timeless practice, and how you can create meaningful combinations with your collection.

1. Channel Celestial Energy

Did you know that gold and silver are said to be connected on a cosmic level? Gold is linked to the sun and inspires prosperity, growth, and warmth. Silver is grouped with the moon and promotes protection, peace, and cooling vibes. Many view gold as a representation of the fire element, while silver is often associated with the water element. Just like in nature, both offer incredible power, but in their own distinct ways.

Based on what you’re searching for, try mixing jewelry metals for an expressive and stylish look. For inspiration, start with the Moon and Star Layered Chain Necklace before adding a mix of other metals to create depth. Want celestial inspiration elsewhere? Layer the Moon and Star Precious Cuff in gold with an otherwise silver stack for an infusion of celestial energy. And to create a truly unique look, offset your stack with a ring wrap in a surprising accent metal, like rose gold.

2. Make a Symbolic Statement

Symbols have been a form of storytelling for thousands of years, so why not share yours in a special way by mixing jewelry metals? Our symbols collection features 14kt gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver pull chain bracelets and necklaces, necklace charms, expandable rings, and post earrings in many of our most popular symbols. From the classic Path of Life® and Evil Eye to the Hand of Fatima (Hamsa) and Pyramid, the options are endless for creating a set that speaks to you in every way.

3. Get Charmed by Copper

Once you’ve decided on your metal mantra by mixing silver and gold jewelry, add a powerful pop of color with copper. Rose-hued metals are linked to love and connection, and our Liberty Copper Collection — featuring original copper preserved from the Statue of Liberty — embodies those sentiments in every way. Prefer something minimalistic when mixing jewelry metals? Several pieces in our Cord Braided Bracelets collection are available with rose gold accents. Mix a few of these into your stack for a powerful expression of unity.

4. Achieve Balance & Harmony

While yellow is the color that typically comes to mind when thinking about gold, many jewelry enthusiasts adore the pure, radiant look of white gold, as well as the powerful symbolism behind it. A symbol of the blending of masculine and feminine energies, a white gold piece from our Balance + Harmony collection would be a wonderful choice for those seeking to unite their inner duality by mixing jewelry metals. White gold is also said to purify negative energies and improve intuition. Add a brilliant white gold piece to your stack to see what kind of impact it has on you.

5. Let Your Vibrant Personality Soar

The great thing about mixing silver and gold jewelry is that you can create your own one-of-a-kind look that shows the world a tiny taste of your extraordinary inner self. The deeper meaning of precious metals isn’t the only reason to blend your favorites. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing metals for their extravagant visual splendor. After all, the gorgeous sparkle and shine is a big part of what makes mixing jewelry metals so fun! Get creative with your stacks, and let your eye for beauty take the reins!

Start Stacking

The jewelry you wear is a very personal form of self-expression, so don’t feel limited to these ideas. The possibilities are endless! Start by building a collection with a variety of pieces in various styles and tones, that way you can create meaningful looks for any mood and occasion. The more you mix and match your pieces, the more you’ll learn which work best together — both aesthetically and symbolically.

For more in-depth information about the meaning and history behind various jewelry symbols, colors, styles, materials, and more, check out our blog. Mixing jewelry metals is just one of the countless ways you can add deep meaning and visual excitement to your vibe. We have so many unique designs that make mixing silver and gold jewelry fun and easy. Shop our collections now to find the pieces that speak to you!

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