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Gemstones 101: Taking Care of Your Supercharged Stack | Fall 2021

Genuine gemstones are more than just beautiful objects used in jewelry. They’re art made by nature, created bit by bit deep within the ground, and hold the earth’s energy inside them. Because of their mineral components and their naturally occurring composition, genuine gemstones are believed to have their own unique properties and empower their wearer with certain positive attributes. Because each gemstone is different, each has a different set of attributes believed to bestow its power onto the wearer. 


Said to be a stone that calms and heals, Aventurine is believed to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing. It's also often called the "stone of opportunity" for the way it promotes general feelings of happiness and wellness: after all, it's only when you feel good that you're truly able to see the opportunities in front of you and fully embrace them. Wear the vivid green Aventurine when you’re ready to seek out and grasp what's next.


Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's Eye is the stone to choose when you feel out of balance in your life, and like you're not fully present in the moment. A powerful grounding force, like the earth you stand on that reflects the colors of Tiger's Eye, this stone is believed to aid you when you need more harmony in your life. Wear the luxe brown Tiger’s Eye when you need to clear out what’s blocking you from feeling like your fullest, most creative self. 



Said to be the stone of clarity, like the clear blue sky it reflects in its color, Sodalite is believed to help you tap into your intuition and trust your instincts. Keep Sodalite close when you can't quite figure out what's bothering you and you're struggling to find the heart of the issue. This stone can help you focus your intentions and manifest your goals into reality. Wear the Sodalite bangle when it's time to clear away the static and see things more clearly. 


Rose Quartz 

Love comes from within, and the glowing pink of Rose Quartz radiates love in all its forms. The stone of love is believed to help you attract more love to yourself, but not just from other people. Rose Quartz is said to help you have more love and compassion for yourself, too. Wear Rose Quartz when you’re ready to embrace the love you deserve.  


Wearing Real Gemstones 

Be careful when you’re choosing gemstones — it’s easy to fall for less expensive imitations. Imitation gemstones look similar to genuine ones, but that’s where the similarities end: the synthetic stones don’t have the same properties, they weren’t grown in the earth, and they don’t have the minerals within that inspire the stones’ properties.  

Caring for Gemstones 

Just like with other ALEX AND ANI jewelry, it’s important to take care when wearing gemstones. Apply beauty products like lotion and perfume before putting on your gemstone jewelry. They can be cleaned with our polishing cloth, and can be gently cleaned with mild soap and water.

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