The History + Meaning of the Lotus Flower

The History + Meaning of the Lotus Flower

When people think of the lotus flower, they often think of a variety of ancient cultures, including Egyptian and Chinese history. In fact, for centuries, the lotus flower has been central to a number of beliefs and religions. If you’re interested in what makes the lotus so special, learn more about the lotus flower’s meaning, significance, and symbolism with ALEX AND ANI today!

Lotus Flower History

With a long history spanning thousands of years, the lotus flower’s meaning finds its origin everywhere, from ancient India and Egypt to Asia and Australia. Lotus flowers are featured in the oldest hieroglyphics, antique Chinese ceramics, and Hindu stories where gods emerge from these flowers. Today, the lotus is considered the national flower for Vietnam and India, continuing its importance into modern times.

Lotus Flower Symbolism in Religion

Lotus flowers have meaning in several religions in addition to Hinduism and Buddhism. In both religions, the lotus flower is a representation of the womb of the universe – where all things are born. These flowers are also a symbol for overcoming adversity and retaining purity of spirit through life’s challenges, as lotus flowers are most commonly found in swampy, difficult terrain – emerging from the dark, murky water pristine and beautiful.

For Buddhists specifically, this flower also represents a connection between the universe’s soul and their own. Yet Hindus have special connection with lotus flower symbolism, as well, because in Sanskrit, it’s the character for enlightenment.

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Different Types of Lotus Flowers

There are several varieties of lotus flowers, and each color has a different meaning:

  • White Lotus Flower Meaning: In feng shui, the white lotus is associated with purity and transcendence, as it has the ability to cut through obstacles and untangle negative energy.
  • Pink Lotus Meaning: Hindu imagery often shows pink-tipped lotus flowers that are associated with delicate, feminine energy.
  • Red Lotus Meaning: The red lotus in Buddhism represents the fire energy of one of the five main Buddha families known as the Padma. This energy is all about passion and inspiration.
  • Blue Lotus Flower Meaning: One of the rarer flower varieties, blue lotuses are a symbol for Mahayana Buddhists that reminds them to focus on their innate, Buddha-like characteristics, which can help them blossom into Nirvana.

Floral Symbols at ALEX AND ANI

With your new knowledge of lotus flower history and symbolism, you may feel a unique connection to this plant. If you’re interested in shopping the lotus and other floral symbols, ALEX AND ANI’s flower collection is the perfect place to start. From the lotus to sunflowers and daisies, you can mix and match them all to create a veritable bouquet within your jewelry!


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