The 7 Surprising Powers of Gold

The 7 Surprising Powers of Gold

Who can resist the rich luster of gold? Since ancient times, the glittery element has been crafted into shrines and idols (the Bible’s Golden Calf), armor, vases, and – yes, please! – fine jewelry for personal adornment. Today, gold is more popular than ever, as we layer on gilded bracelets and necklaces with affectionate abandon. But there’s more to gold jewelry than its pretty, polished appearance. Read these seven fascinating facts about the time-honored benefits and cosmic associations of gold – and you’ll find new meaning in the term “precious metal.”


1. Gold has divine connotations. The Incas called gold the “the tears of the sun” and the Egyptians believed gold was a divine metal associated with the sun god. (Hence King Tut’s mask). Gold is an empowering force – positive, bright, and representing illumination, love and elevated wisdom. Capture the spirit with a pair of LOTUS PEACE PETALS Post Earrings.

2. It exudes healing vibes. The 79th element is believed to possess energy that brings warm and soothing vibrations to the body that can aid healing. The theory: Gold’s properties relax the body, thereby causing blood vessels to be less constricted. As blood flows more easily, it stimulates the growth of new cells to replace damaged or dead ones.

3. It’s the color of victory. Next time you slip on an eye-catching gold necklace like the Compass Charm Necklace, embrace the positive mental attitude the metal can impart. Gold is the mark of success, strength, and perfection: Think medals for first-place performances, gold stars for a job well done, the golden ratio in mathematics. Wearing it can bring you closer to your own goals. Bonus: It never tarnishes!

4. It keeps you beautiful. Luxe spas offer rejuvenating gold facials to activate cell renewal, while products like gold-infused serums and sheet masks promise to keep skin glowing and hydrated. Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce redness, help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and protect against free radicals.

5. Gold was a royal pain reliever. In the early 1900s, surgeons would implant a gold piece under the skin near an inflamed joint, such as a knee or elbow, to ease arthritis pain. Today, gold treatment is administered by injection or pill form, relieving the pain caused by active joint swelling, according to doctors at the University of Washington.

6. It’s an energy magnet. Acupuncturists value 24k gold needles for increased yang and superior energy transmission. The gold works as a mini jumper cable, connecting energy from a strong meridian to a weaker one. Some practitioners tape a tiny gold bead to a low-energy acupuncture meridian, to pick up more energy from the area and give the meridian a boost.

7. Gold delivers a rush. Next time you’re anxious or depressed, tap into the soft, warm aura of gold for a feel-good lift. Beauty is a known de-stressor – as is self-expression. Therefore, revealing your true self through a gilded piece of jewelry can amp your confidence and self-esteem. Consider an uplifting treat like the Moon and Star Ring Wrap. Written by Joanna Powell

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