Hidden Symbolism: Path of Symbols

Hidden Symbolism: Path of Symbols

We’ve all heard the expression, “there’s more than meets the eye,” but it rings especially true in regard to our Path of Symbols collection. Featuring reimagined, dimensional versions of our core symbols as well as six new original symbols, these fresh pieces debuted in fall 2015 much to our fans’ excitement. We’re all about meaning at ALEX AND ANI and this collection is no exception. In fact, many pieces possess hidden symbolism, further strengthening their energies. We invite you to channel your inner detective and take a closer look at some of these spirited charms!


Aphrodite’s Flower

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is the keeper of the heart’s secret desires. She is symbolized by the poppy, “the flower of life,” known for its dream-like, euphoric properties. In relation to Aphrodite, this flower represents life itself and the intoxicating experience of being in love.

Cosmic Balance

A blend of the sun, moon, and stars, this charm depicts the ethereal energies of the universe. The sun is the fuel of life, the source of light and warmth, and symbolizes the divine masculine. The moon is the holder of light, the reflection of creation, and represents the divine feminine. The stars are the celestial bodies, an unlimited expanse of wonder and beauty. 

Unexpected Miracles

This unique symbol depicts a mighty oak emerging from a tiny acorn. Known as the grandfather of the forest, the oak represents wisdom, strength, and steadfastness. In comparison, the acorn is the seed of the oak, a catalyst of potential and growth, reminding us that miracles come when we least expect them.

Wild Heart

The black panther speaks to our primal instincts and desires. Adorned with the alchemical symbol of antimony, a metal evocative of our passions, this symbol represents stealth and power. The panther aids us in channeling our strengths and pursuing our dreams with heart and courage. 


A unique combination of elements, Godspeed is an expression of divine grace. A circle and square, representing masculinity, femininity, and oneness, surround a pair of feathers, embodying spiritual communication, in an act of sacred geometry. Above the feathers is the crescent moon, an icon of eternal grace. This blend of symbols is a blessing of good fortune and safety as you travel your path.

Healing Love

Love has a profound power on us with its ability to illuminate our souls. Healing Love draws on this energy and allows us to be our authentic selves as we join together in unity. At the root of this detailed symbol is a circle representing infinity and the center from which love radiates. The four surrounding points signify the cardinal directions and where love travels. Framing this is an eight-pointed star evoking love’s power to transcend time, making it truly eternal.

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