Discovering and Connecting with Your Animal Guide

Discovering and Connecting with Your Animal Guide

You might be asking yourself, what is an animal guide? An animal guide is a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship with an individual. The animal guide accompanies their person to provide guidance, lessons, protection, power, or wisdom.

The idea of animals partnering with humans to offer help during difficult times is a thread throughout human history across many regions of the globe. This spiritual manifestation has roots in ancient Egypt, Africa, and Native American traditions.
Over the course of your life’s journey, you may encounter many animal guides.

These helpers may be with us throughout our lives or for very brief moments in time to provide crucial messages the universe wants to deliver. The timing and direction of our path dictates which of the animals step forward to help.

Our Animal Guides

This bracelet collection is a physical reminder of these guides that come into our lives and the lessons we have learned from them along our individual paths to a greater good.

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Panda- An ancient symbol of good luck, the panda represents the blessings that come from having a positive outlook. Take the time to appreciate the smallest moments of joy and soak in positivity whenever you can, and you will carry happiness with you always. The intentions you should practice manifesting with the panda animal guide are luck and prosperity.

Llama- A symbol of focus and determination, the llama stands tall in its power, eyes forward towards the goal. Remember what's truly important, and don't let distractions get in your way. You've got this. Strengthen your connection to the llama animal guide and your enlightened path with the Path of Life® Embossed Charm Bangle. To enhance your connection to the llama animal guide, manifest the intentions of strength and protection.

Sea Turtle- An important and sacred symbol in the mythologies of many indigenous cultures, the Sea Turtle represents the continuation of life. They are known to live long lives, sometimes against incredible odds. Carry this turtle for strength and protection during life's trying moments. Like the Sea Turtle, you'll find the will to press on and come out stronger and wiser than before. Growth and new beginnings are the intentions set by the sea turtle animal guide to remind us that life is full of new opportunities.


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Penguin- A master of adaptability, the penguin, weathers the harshest environments and still remains true to its life's goal. Stand firm in your beliefs, but go with the flow, too. Embracing change is the key to growing. Find harmonious balance by pairing the Yin Yang Charm Bangle with your penguin animal guide. To become one with your penguin animal guide, manifest the intention of balance.

Unicorn- You are your own true self, and you possess magic no one else does. Like the mythical unicorn that inspires belief and wonder, let your unique spirit be a light in the world. Believe in yourself, and all things are possible. Connecting to this most whimsical animal guide brings you the intentions of faith and hope.


Monkey- Full of energy, merrily swinging from branch to branch, the monkey understands the importance of joy. Make time for laughter and play. Your life will be full of mirth. Knowing when to have fun and when the time comes to buckle down and get to work is true wisdom. Manifest the intention of wisdom set by your monkey animal guide.

Sloth- Lounging from its arboreal perch, the sloth is a master of taking it easy and taking the time for rest and self-care. Slow down and take in the world around you, and you'll be surprised at how much rejuvenation you'll feel. Trust the power within yourself and be reminded daily with the addition of the Crescent Moon Charm Bangle. Practice manifesting the intention of gratitude to enhance your connection to the sloth animal guide.


Elephant- According to ancient lore, the elephant came to Earth during the creation of man to teach humanity about true strength. Witnessing the elephant’s gentle nature, how it never used its power to harm, enlightened humanity. Elephants have an advanced sense of empathy and kindness. They teach us that strength isn’t always physical. Let their lesson be heard: the truest power is gentle. Enhance the power of your elephant animal guide stack with the Elephant Embossed Charm Bangle. Connect to your true inner power by manifesting the intentions of the elephant, strength & protection.


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Manifestation, Strengthening Your Connection

More than the law of attraction, manifestation is, at its core is a practice of deciding to be a creative force in your own life. By practicing manifestation, you engage with your true inner self and your animal guides which all have significant intentions.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” - Ralph Waldo Emmerson 

Get excited about life and the many opportunities you have to express greatness. Instead of worrying about the future, focus your energy on manifesting the lessons and intentions brought to you by your animal guide.

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