Our Favorite Symbols of Personal Growth & Healing

Our Favorite Symbols of Personal Growth & Healing

Many people find that having symbols of growth and change close to them grounds them and helps them overcome obstacles. For us, growth and change are a reminder of the transformations we all undergo to fulfill our potential and enhance our lives. If you’re looking for beautiful symbols of personal growth, we have a collection that can ensure you find something that speaks to you! Browse our favorite symbols of growth and healing here to discover new meanings behind familiar styles.

1. Flowers

Floral jewelry isn’t anything new. In fact, symbols of nature have been used in jewelry for centuries in the scrolling leaves of Edwardian pieces and the colorful designs of Art Nouveau styles. But we want more than just beauty in our jewelry! We’re also looking to incorporate meaningful designs into every piece. Whether it’s a sunflower to represent a connection to friends and family or a lotus to signify your purity of spirit, each piece in the floral collection is a symbol of personal growth.

2. Butterflies

woman wearing butterfly necklace

The butterfly is in our collection of symbols for growth and healing because it represents the literal power of transformation. They enter their cocoon as wingless caterpillars, completely liquifying to become something entirely different! As the butterfly emerges with colorful wings, it has total freedom to explore the sky and the earth as an eternal reminder to trust the process – even if it hurts a little.

3. Leaves

wrist with red leaf cord bracelet

Nature has always been an example of growth, change, and rebirth. If you’re looking for symbols of personal growth, there’s nothing better than the leaf. In some cultures, the leaf is a reflection of self because each one has its own character and beauty, but every leaf is still connected to a community that grows and thrives together in the foliage of a tree.

4. Turtles

Turtles and tortoises are animals associated with many things, including wisdom, knowledge, immortality, and protection. As a symbol of personal growth, the turtle reminds us to dig deep into our life experiences to make informed and intelligent decisions that enhance our lives. Because turtles and tortoises are creatures of land and sea, wearing one in your jewelry can also remind you of the transitional nature of life, allowing you to accept change with grace and confidence.

Our Symbols

Our jewelry is more than just a pretty way to express your fashion sense. Each piece also has a deep meaning that can represent another facet of your personality and ground you during difficult times.

Explore our collection of stunning symbols of personal growth to discover designs that are about more than just looks. From strength and protection to balance and harmony, we have pieces that can add meaning to your life.

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